Home MMA Kevin Holland training with Daniel Cormier at AKA to improve his wrestling

Kevin Holland training with Daniel Cormier at AKA to improve his wrestling

UFC middleweight fighter Kevin Holland is seen training with Former two-division champion Daniel Cormier and is working on his wrestling after facing consecutive losses.

Kevin Holland was one of the top prospects rising in the year 2020. When many fighters were pulling out of fights it was Holland who stepped up at every single opportunity that was given to him and made the best use of it. Kevin nearly was undefeated in 2020 with some amazing wins over top fighters including a KO win over Jacare Souza. But in recent few matches, he has been on a downfall. And the only reason for it has been his defense to takedowns.

Kevin is on a two-fight losing streak and both of these losses came against fighters with a good wrestling game and who took Kevin down put him on his back and smashed him on the ground. He first lost to Derek Brunson and then faced another defeat at the hands of Marvin Vettori. During his fight with Vettori, Daniel Cormier who was at the ringside commentary team offered Holland to come and learn wrestling with him at American Kickboxing Academy (AKA), which has made champions like Cormier, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Cain Velasquez, among others.

Kevin Holland learning wrestling with Daniel Cormier

Kevin Holland seems to have taken the generous offer made by Daniel Cormier and has agreed to learn some basic takedown defense from one of the best wrestlers in the UFC. In the video posted by DC, Kevin was seen doing wrestling sessions at Antdawg’s in Gilroy, Calif.


I’m very proud of @trailblaze2top for taking the first step. Not only is he here he’s available and wants to work. He will wrestle again tomorrow then he will be at the greatest gym in the world @americankickboxingacademy with the guys. Acknowledging your issues then finding a way to deal with em takes a lot of maturity. His coaches at home are the best too, not trying to stop Kevin from trying to find better, we can help him in his wrestling. @travislutter has always been the man and he is showing by letting him come to train with me that he is the type of coach you want, the type that puts the athlete first!!! Onward and upward young man! I can’t wait for you to shock em with some takedown defense next time you’re in there.” Cormier wrote in the caption of his video.

Kevin has no fight lined up for now but if you know the man you know that he’ll be willing to step up against any fighter at any time. Though his manager has dates for his next fight.

“We are looking to return to the cage in July or August,” Hodak told MMA Junkie on Tuesday. “Although, if anything opens up, you know Kevin is always ready and willing. Meanwhile, he will be going back and forth to get in some work with DC and his crew out in San Jose. Texas will remain his main home base for training, just adding California and some work in Vegas at the PI.”

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