Khabib with a chilling warning to Conor: “All alcoholics will have the same end!”

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Khabib Nurmagomedov is not happy with Conor Mcgregor after their press conference at Radio City Hall, New York. Conor while insulting Khabib’s family and countrymen by calling them cowards and other insults, also took the same platform to hawk his new venture, Irish Proper Whisky.

Conor when he shared a glass of the whisky with UFC president Dana White, offered a glass to Khabib as well on the occasion of Khabib’s birthday. Khabib refused politely saying he does not drink alcohol, which prompted the Conor to go on another tirade against Khabib.

There has since been mixed reactions from the netizens with regards with which fighter succeeded in psyching out  the other fighter with some believing Conor’s trash talk about Khabib’s background angered Khabib while some believe Khabib’s quiet and calm demeanor unnerved Conor.

Khabib after the press conference posted a chilling message on Instagram in both his native tongue and English which says “All alcoholics will have the same end!”

A religious practitioner and strict teetotaler, Khabib did not take Mcgregor’s offer of whisky very kindly but managed to maintain his composure at the press conference. It is for sure that these are not the only pre-fight shenanigans that will be used by the self proclaimed master of the psychological game Conor Mcgregor as the fight week draws close.


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