Legendary former referee John McCarthy says he wouldn’t have stopped Cejudo – TJ fight when it was stopped

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Legendary former referee, John McCarthy was recently in an interview with MMA Fighting. During the interview, he talked about the TJ Dillashaw-Cejudo fight, and what he would have done had he been the referee. He also gave his opinion regarding what he thought about the stoppage by referee Kevin McDonald.

John McCarthy said that he was not going to call it a good stoppage or a bad stoppage. He, however, went on to say that he would not have stopped the fight at the point. He talked about how TJ Dillashaw and Henry Cejudo were not two normal fighters. They had not been brought together randomly to face each other randomly.

He said that they had both earned the position where they were in.

“I’ve got two guys that are champions. They both have a full tank of gas. There is no better time… you know one thing TJ Dillashaw is in great condition. Now I’m not saying he didn’t lose a lot of weight and that may have been a factor in this fight. This is his greatest opportunity to recover.”

He said that he noticed that TJ Dillashaw was reaching for the leg and was attempting something. He also reminded that Dillashaw had not taken damage for a long time. He did not agree with the decision while agreeing it was a difficult one to make.

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