Liver King Admits To Being On Steroids: “I Misled A Lot Of People”

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Brian Johnson, better known as “The Liver King,” is all over the news right now, but not for the best of reasons.

The latest controversy in the online fitness community came after a series of events that seemed to debunk Johnson’s misleading claims that he lived an “ancestral” and “primitive” lifestyle- the “secret” behind his physique. As more and more opinions pour in, the American fitness guru has now stepped in with an apology.

Liver King, who has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 3.5 million followers on TikTok, is a household name in the fitness world. Known for eating raw liver, bone marrow, and bull testicles, he has also built a 100-million empire through his Heart & Soil and Ancestral brands- selling protein supplements and dried animal organs.

However, the fitness and lifestyle guru is now being bombarded with reprimand as he was said to have been on PEDs, as claimed by an “email leak” recently surfaced. Johnson has now cleaned up everything through a recent video on his official YouTube channel.

“I lied, and I misled a lot of people,” Johnson said in the video, “Yes, I’ve done steroids, and yes, I am on steroids.”

While steroid use is nothing uncommon in the fitness industry and many big faces openly admit or have admitted in the past for being on PEDs, what makes Johnson’s case more controversial is his past denials. Instead, he established his “ancestral” lifestyle to be the factor behind his physique.

“I don’t touch the stuff. I’ve never done the stuff. I’m not going to do the stuff,” Johnson had stated on Mark Bell’s Power Project in the past.

The email leak about Johnson’s steroid use was brought to public by another bodybuilding influencer and YouTuber Derek, who runs the YouTube channel More Plates More Dates.

Derek shared an hour-long video revealing “Liver King” and his steroid use. In the clip, he claimed to have spotted emails between Johnson and a bodybuilding trainer, also revealing that Johnson takes up to three syringes per day.


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