Who is Dale Brown? The self-defense ‘expert’ taking over social media

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Who is Dale Brown? Throughout the past decades, MMA has emerged as one of the heavyweights in world sports, as well as a pivotal combat sports discipline. However, aside from practising MMA professionally, its vital aspect lies in hand to hand combat and self defense, which can often draw the line between saving oneself from sheer danger from others, or not.

Keeping this in mind, Dale Brown and his wife Mirela Brown has set up Detroit Urban Survival Training, aka “D.U.S.T”, with an ambition to teach teens essential MMA and self defense skills. A veteran airborne paratrooper as well as an author, Dale Brown emphasises on teaching teens how to survive when they are at a risk of abduction or being held at gunpoint, drawing example from a recent case in Ferndale when a teenager was abducted.

According to reports from Ferndale police and the FBI, a Ferndale High School senior was abducted at gunpoint at a gas station on 8 Mile Road. The 16-year-old, who was pumping gas into her vehicle, was approached by a couple who forced the teen into their vehicle, holding her at gunpoint.

“When I heard about this abduction the first thing I thought was, ‘This is why we teach,’”, Mr Brown spoke to Click On Detroit, “The person engages you, they’re actually assessing you at that point. They’re doing an assessment. That’s why they’re talking to you in the gas station. Their job then is to determine if you’re a good candidate to be abducted,” said Dale Brown, ” So, what you’re gonna wanna do is project strength. You wanna say, in a very positive and strong way, ‘No thank you. I’m not interested.’”

Dale Brown is teaching Detroit the art of self-defense

Emhpasising on this, the Brown couple focus on disarm techniques, especially how to get hold of a gun and twist. “We show you how to take it so you can remove the weapon,” Dale Brown went on, “all you’re doing is increasing someone’s potential for survivability in a worst case scenario.”

However, many have pointed out the fallacies in Dale Brown’s self defense techniques, followed by a quick follow-up by the netizens, who has now made the man into a meme, with hilarious posts flooding all over social media.

One video in particular, where Brown shows how to stop a child from getting abducted, has been received with tons of banter from the Twitterati.


  • Veteran airborne paratrooper Dale Brown and his wife Mirela Brown founded and own Detroit Urban Survival Training, aka “D.U.S.T”
  • The couple’s way of teaching self defense has been received with banters and memes by the netizens

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