Melissa Gatto Takes The Win With a Unique Chest Punch TKO- Is It Illegal In The UFC?

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In a surprising turn of events at UFC Vegas 92, bantamweight fighter Melissa Gatto secured a third-round TKO win over her opponent, Tamires Vidal. But it wasn’t just any TKO—it was a victory achieved with a rare chest punch that left fans and pundits baffled.

Melissa Gatto, a former flyweight, had suffered two consecutive defeats before making the move up to bantamweight. Her fight against fellow Brazilian Tamires Vidal was a battle of countrywomen, and Gatto was considered a slight favorite going into the bout.

As the third round began, Melissa Gatto and Vidal exchanged blows. Then, in a seemingly innocuous moment, Gatto landed a punch just under Vidal’s neck. Surprisingly, Vidal turned away and called for a timeout, as if she had been hit with an illegal blow. But Melissa Gatto was prepared for this scenario.


Was Melissa Gatto’s Punch Illegal?

Referee Chris Tognoni stepped in and declared the fight a TKO. Commentators initially questioned the decision until they realized that the punch had landed on Vidal’s chest. Despite the unusual nature of the strike, it was deemed legal. Gatto’s victory showcased her adaptability and knowledge of the rules.

Women’s sport rarely sees this type of punch. While the chest area is more sensitive for female fighters, the rules regarding torso punches are universal. If such a blow renders an opponent unable to defend themselves, the referee has the authority to stop the fight. In this case, Tognoni confirmed that it was not an illegal shot.

Melissa Gatto’s historic win highlights the importance of adaptability in MMA. Sometimes, victory comes from unexpected angles—even a well-placed chest punch. As the UFC continues to surprise us, fighters like Gatto remind us that innovation and strategy can lead to victory, no matter how unconventional the path.

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