Michael Bisping says he was almost robbed and Killed in Cape Town

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Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping says that he was almost robbed and killed by a bunch of homeless people in Cape Town, South Africa. The entire incident went down last week as Bisping was present there with his friends.

Michael Bisping was present in Cape Town working on a movie project and after having dinner and drink with the crew and friends, things got horribly wrong for the former UFC champion.

He unfolded the whole incident on ‘Believe you me’ podcast where he gave the first account of how things were in Cape Town.

“It is beautiful by day, at night the freaks come out and it is a very, very dangerous place,” Bisping said in his “Believe You Me” podcast (transcribed by BJPenn.com). “We go out for a Chinese meal … [and] end up having a few drinks. I get back, it’s like three o’clock in the morning and the Uber driver drops me off at a four-way cross street not by my hotel, and he says, ‘your hotel is over there’, so I get out the car and the Uber driver drives off and I don’t know which way to go.”



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