Michael Bisping sides with Conor McGregor in the recent robbery incident, calls the alleged victim a ‘d*ck’ for pressing charges

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Conor McGregor has again recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. This time he was in the news because he went to jail, again, but this time for snatching and destroying a man’s smartphone. While many have criticised him for his behaviour, former UFC middleweight champion and MMA legend Michael Bisping has jumped to his defense. He event went as far as to call the guy who pressed charges against McGregor a  ‘d*ck’.

Bisping recently spoke about this incident on his ‘Believe You Me’ podcast. He sided with McGregor and stated that rapper, Kanye West too did something exactly same, but he never went to prison for it. He said since it was early morning and fans usually continue pestering celebrities like McGregor for a picture even after being denied, because they want to flaunt it on Instagram. So many celebrities tend to lose their temper in such cases, just like McGregor. He even said that he has many times wanted to do the same. Here’s what he had to say:

Look at Kanye West outside LAX. Kanye West grabbed someone’s camera and smashed it up, he never got arrested, though. So this guy’s – I’ll just say this guy’s a bit of a f—king d-ck, to press charges. He’s a very, very recognizable famous person, And by the way, I’m not jumping to his defense, (I’m) just being real. He has to deal with this sh-t on a daily basis, it must drive him up the f—king wall.

And who knows? I read in the article that it was 5 am in the morning, you’re coming in, you’re a bit pissed. You don’t want a picture of you looking a bit drunk at 5 am all over the place. You’re like ‘No, buddy, I’m sorry. I’d appreciate it if we didn’t do a picture. Sometimes, you’re not f—king camera ready, because you know that’s going on Instagram, it’s gonna do the rounds, and they’re gonna show the mates. Sometimes, you’re just like ‘You know what, I’d rather just shake your hand, and have a conversation with you for five minutes, and have a real connection. I’m sure that would be more worthwhile for you.’

It’s all about Instagram, they want to get that picture. And he flipped. He lost his f—king temper and he grabbed the phone and smashed it.

He did what I wanted to do. Sometimes, I wish I could take someone’s phone and smash it on the f—king floor. So fair play to him.








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