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UFC: Michael Bisping has a surprising answer to who his biggest rival was

Former UFC middleweight champion, TUF season 3 winner, Hall of Famer and now a budding commentator Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping will go down in the history as one of the most inspirational fighters to have ever made that walk.


The above mentioned accolades on top of being the first ever British champion and inspire an entire country, sharing the second spot along with a legend like St-Pierre in the list of UFC wins (20) to having a victory over one of the greatest in Anderson Silva when he was fairly in his prime. Everything with an eye injury that almost made him blind. Bisping has accomplished pretty much everything the sport had to offer but everything came for a price as Bisping revealed his biggest rival. (via Twitter):

“The public,” Bisping said. “Up and down in their perception constantly. Although I was a dick at times.”

Bisping had a unique style of promoting himself and his fights with a mixture of trash talk and witty humour paired with his British accent which would make him unique. However things would get out of hand sometimes be it landing an illegal knee on rival Jorge Rivera in anger or be it tearing the Cuban flag to mock Yoel Romero. The fans therefore have always been in splits when it came to Bisping.

Irrespective of that, Bisping hans down will be one of the most entertaining fighters in the history of the sport.

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