Michael Chiesa proposes 4-way Welterweight tournament to decide the GOAT….and Covington is in it?

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Michael Chiesa has a master plan for the UFC Welterweight division. He is proposing a four-man tournament to determine the new Welterweight champion and it sounds like a great plan as well.

Michael Chiesa has a great plan for the Welterweight division (PC: UFC.COM)

He suggested on his Twitter page that UFC should let Tyron Woodley fight Colby Covington while Ben Askren should be booked against Georges St. Pierre in the tournament. You can see the tweet from Chiesa below.

‘Ok I put my tinfoil hat on for a moment and it came to me. Four man UFC Welterweight Grand Prix. Woodley vs Covington then Askren vs GSP. Winners face off to fight for the championship and welterweight GOAT status.Who do you think wins?’

The tweet received some great responses from the MMA fans on Twitter but at the same time, a good portion of the fans questioned the inclusion of Covington in the list. Chiesa, however, was quick to respond and pointed out that Covington was the interim champion.

He also went on to put forward the possibility of Covington winning the entire tournament.

“But if he won the tournament, which is a long shot, wouldn’t he be in the GOAT discussion? How could he now be “if” he won?,” he noted.

What do you think of the idea? Let us know in the comments.


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