Michael Chiesa sets his sights on Colby Covington after RDA win

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Former UFC lightweight turned welterweight Michael Chiesa has now set his sights on the former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington. Chiesa defeated the former UFC lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos at UFC Fight Night 166 called out Covington.

In an interview given to MMA Fighting later on Chiesa explained his decision to call out Colby. He revealed that he feels after defeating the #5 ranked contender, he has to fight the very best to secure a title shot, and Colby is just that. Here’s what he had to say:

I just beat the No. 5-ranked guy in the world, and I always say the most important time to ask for a fight is after you win. You’ve got to capitalize. I’m not out to engage in some verbal pissing match with [Covington]; I respect his skills and he’s super tough. I’m just trying to get to a world title, and I think that’s the fight that makes the most sense when you look at the top-five. I said before the fight, I beat Rafael dos Anjos; I’m not fighting anybody that’s ranked less than five. I’m taking his spot and just looking at the landscape of the division, that’s the fight that makes sense.

I kind of waited to see how [UFC] 245 ended and just kind of wanted to see what happened with Tyron and Leon and everybody. But I think it’s a fight that makes sense, and I wouldn’t go ask for some outlandish matchup. Anytime I’ve won a fight and asked for an opponent, I’ve usually gotten it, and that’s because it’s all well thought-out. I just don’t throw things against the wall that aren’t gonna stick. I just think it’s a fight that makes sense, I think it’s a fight I could get, so we’ll see what happens.










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