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Miesha Tate says she would have Ronda Rousey’s career over Amanda Nunes’

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Miesha Tate says she would have Ronda Rousey's career over Amanda Nunes' - Tate
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The former female UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate recently revealed that if given a choice she would choose Ronda Rousey’s career over Amanda Nunes’.

It goes without saying that both Ronda and Miesha had one of the most terrific rivalries inside the Octagon and neither fighter ever saw eye to eye with each other, but all said and done Miesha Tate has always respected Rousey as a fighter.

In a recent interview with MMA Tonight, the former bantamweight champion was asked a hypothetical question by the host of the show, “Whose career would you rather have had? Ronda Rousey’s or Amanda Nunes’?

Miesha Tate says she would have Ronda Rousey's career over Amanda Nunes' - Tate

To this Miesha Tate revealed that she would have chosen Amanda Nunes’ career 18-months ago when Tate didn’t have a daughter, but right now she would rather have Rousey’s career.

You know, this is such a weird question,” Tate said, “because I feel like before I had my daughter, I for sure would have been like, ‘I’d rather have Amanda’s,’ to be honest. But then looking at everything that is to gain from the popularity and securing my daughter’s future, it’s almost like, how do you do it all?

If you’d said something like Ronda hadn’t earned all of this … you know (but) Ronda did. She won, she did everything, she dominated, she did a lot of great things. She just got 100-fold recognition for everything she did.”

Let’s take the names out of it,” Tate said. “Would you rather win every bout – let’s assume we’re talking greatest of all time – while (Ronda) was winning and she gets 100 percent return on it, or would you rather put 100 percent effort into it and get 50 percent return on it?

So I’m looking at this, and I’m gonna say, you know what? I’d rather have Ronda’s career. If you ask me who I’d rather be, I would say Amanda. But if you’re talking about I’m gonna put 110 percent into this and what do you want to get out of it? Do you want to get 100 percent out of it, or do you want to get 50 percent out of it? I”m gonna say I want 100 percent.” (H/T- MMA Junkie)

Both Rousey and Tate lost their bantamweight titles to current UFC bantamweight and featherweight champion Amanda Nunes.


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