Mike Perry advises Till on how to beat Tyron Woodley

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The bromance between Mike Perry and title challenger seems to be growing after they settled their differences in a sparring session in Los Angeles, California. The spar was reported to be friendly and both Till and Perry claim to have found respect for each other.

Perry and Till had a sparring session in California

Till is scheduled to fight Tyron Woodley for the UFC Welterweight title and Mike Perry had some tips for Till against the champion.

“I did man [give him some tips] because, I mean, just the way that I see it, with fighting against a shorter fighter, Darren stands rather tall and I said I think he needs to get down and bend his knees,” Till said.

“He needs to get his eyes on the same level as ‘T-Woodley’s’ I mean he’s got a good turn away from the takedown and the shot, but you know, [I said] ‘I’m not trying to give you advice because you’re the one fighting the champ, but the way that I think I see it, I think maybe you could do this some more; bend your knees some more and get lower sometimes.

“I know you’re going to do what you do and fight confidently and I’m sure T-Woodley will do too. Who really knows!? Who knows. I just hope those boys make that weight so they can fight for that damn thing.”

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