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MMA: Brendan Schaub claims MMA judges are worse than Boxing!!

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The world of boxing has quite often been maligned by shady, biased and unfair scoring by the judges which always creates a huge stir and controversy. Some recent fights such as Saul Alvarez vs. GGG-1 and Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao come to mind where the judges’ decision and scoring of the fight were bizzare and led to a stir. Last night, Canelo and GGG involved an all-time classic, both boxers landed some big powerful punches but just like their first fight the fight went to the judges. Even this match was too close to call, and the fans and pundits seemed divided about who won the fight. The judges scored the fight in Canelo’s favour, while some including GGG’s coach, Abel Sanchez himself agreed with the judges’ scorecard, many others again cried foul.

Many GGG fans took to social-media to voice their displeasure with the scoring and claimed that the judges were biased an favoured Canelo. Between all this razzmatazz, former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub too gave his opinion about the fight and judging in boxing and event went on to claim that MMA judges are even worse than boxing.


MMA: Brendan Schaub claims MMA judges are worse than Boxing!! - brendan

Schaub’s statement about MMA judges has come as a huge shock for many fans as MMA and UFC judges haven’t been much criticised for being biased, certainly not nearly as much as boxing’s judges. Below is how the conversation between Schaub and a fan turned out on Twitter in which he made the aforementioned comment about MMA judges:


Brendan Schaub: No one got robbed could have went to either guy. I don’t have an issue with a Canelo decision. However, even if GGG won 9 rds easily he ain’t winning a decision with boxing judges. Never said GGG won. Keep up or don’t get on social media.

Fan: Are UFC judges any different? (Srs question) Because this whole “depends how the judge saw it” is complete BS. Should be a proper way of scoring fights in place. Nothing subjective.

Schaub: Surprisingly MMA judges are much worse. Least boxing judges know what their watching.

Below is the aforementioned tweet by Schaub:







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