MMA: Gegard Mousasi says he want extra drug testing for Lyoto Machida if they rematch

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Current Bellator Middleweight Champion Gegard Mousasi is open to fighting Lyoto Machida in the octagon again, but there’s a condition and that is Gegard wants Lyoto Machida to go through extra drug testing. But Mousasi claims in their first encounter back in 2014, when both men were in the UFC that Lyoto Machida was on performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), and now that he’s officially apart of Bellator, he demands Machida undergo “extra” drug testing should there be a sequel between them in the organization.

Mousasi referenced The Dragon’s physical features during their first encounter as an example to justify his argument.

“He was slippy as f*ck,” Machida told Luke Thomas on the latest episode of The MMA Hour. “If you put oil on your body, the next day you sweat it out and you’re slippy as f*ck. I’m not [the] only [one] saying that; you can ask Luke Rockhold — he said he was slippery too and I went five rounds with [Machida].

“I was watching the video back and when I have his back he was shiny as f*ck and he had a six-pack like 15-year-old virgin boy. Then I saw his last fight with Vitor Belfort and he was fat as f*ck. What you can see, you can see. I’m not blind, go back and watch the fights.

“He had a six-pack a few years ago and since USADA came he doesn’t have one anymore. I don’t want to talk about it. People always say I’m a bad loser. I’m not a bad loser, I’m saying I fought people that were on steroids, you dumb motherf*ckers — what can’t you understand about that?”

He also insisted that Machida would have to specifically perform blood testing for the simple fact he doesn’t trust the Brazilian.

“Rematch? 100 percent. And if we have a rematch, we should be tested the same as USADA — blood and urine — because he’s a cheater, 100 percent he’s a cheater.

“I want to do it the same way,” Mousasi said. “So far, the commission has been doing a good job so everything has been fine. I think with Machida they should do extra testing and especially blood [testing] because I don’t trust that guy.”

Mousasi is scheduled to fight welterweight champion Rory MacDonald on September 29th in San Jose, California.

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