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MMA India Exclusive: Jorge Masvidal: ‘Glad to teach the UFC life lessons!’

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MMA India Exclusive: Jorge Masvidal: 'Glad to teach the UFC life lessons!' -
Credits: CBS Sports

Q) We’ll open with this Nate Diaz specific question, which was, all the craziness that happened last week, it really didn’t affect you because you weren’t involved in that whole situation, but what was your mindset when like over that 24 hour period, we weren’t sure if the fight was happening, and you were kind of stuck in limbo? Like did you change anything, deal with anything, or did you just kind of go about your business?

Well, it was only 24 hours I think the totality of it. So by like day number two, anxiety hit, and about two pizzas later and hot fries and other things that I shouldn’t have put in my body, the coaching staff got a hold of me and they were able to calm the anxiety down, and then we went about business.

But yes, if I get anxiety or depression, things like that, I take to eating. So they stopped me on my tracks, you know, but all good. Everything’s good. Ready to go.

Q) You mentioned when you were speaking about the Rock, that you were a guy that, you know, people didn’t know. He didn’t know who you were. You were already in the UFC. What does it mean for you for that public perception and that mainstream perception to have caught up now to where kind of the hardcore fans have always known that Jorge Masvidal is a real one to have more and more people and be getting this chance to headline a pay-per-view at Madison Square Garden?

Oh, it’s amazing in that sense, because I do got the hardcores behind me, but you’ve got the purest, only the purest of the purest have been watching me since Japan, since Strike Force, since all these events that are no longer with us, that are defunct already, that your boy traveled through those events and made waves.

It’s crazy that I had the hardcores and then, in one year brought in the casuals. And then it’s funny to see like a casual say that I’m an overnight hit. And so that is just comedy I just watch you get chewed up by all my fans who have been there forever. Like are you a f***ing idiot?

This guy has been fighting for 16 years you moron. It’s awesome man, but it also makes bigger paychecks, you know. So that’s one thing that’s amazing about it. I love it. I love being able to provide for my family and keep doing what I do.

The people that have been here with me from the start, they’re getting taken care of, the real ones. That’s why I’m going to make sure they never have to work after I’m done fighting, because I’m going to bring them these big checks. So let’s get this money.

And then the one thing I wanted to ask as well is, you know, when – before you got booked against Darren Till, I think when we found out that you were getting booked against Darren Till, I think a lot of people may have looked at it as okay, this is set up in such a way that Darren Till can bounce back against Masvidal coming off this long layoff, and he’s got name value, etc. I’m assuming maybe that was that something that went through your mind that you thought that maybe the UFC was trying to set up Darren Till with a comeback against you?

Man, I want to say, you’re a mind reader. Maybe you know somebody, huh? But yes, maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. Me, I was just licking my chops man. Like man, I can’t believe they’re going to give me this dude because I know that they’ve been pushing him really hard.

And I kind of in a way was – I mean, I beat that dude cowboy too. I beat him first and I didn’t get the same push that he got after the cowboy fight. So I was like, I want to fight this dude.

I want to hurt him. It’s not that I dislike him, not on a personal level, nothing like that. I think the kid is cool, but I just want to scrap man. And I know coming back, me having lost to Thompson and him having beat Thompson for a fact from the betting odds to the UFC, that was the guy.

You could tell on the whole time I was the main event as well on that thing. It was me and him and they barely showed any clips of me. They didn’t even send a camera out for me, to tell you the truth. They didn’t do anything to promote me, to promote who Game Bred is. And it was cool, the UFC had to learn the hard way. And I’m glad to teach the UFC lessons, life lessons.

Don’t ever underestimate me. And I definitely just wanted to get in there. And also, Till was having a problem getting opponents. I was like, let’s go man. What’s all this bulls*** about? I’m ready to dance. You want to go? Let’s go.

Q) What is the significance of the BMF title for you?

I didn’t say this, the president did. The world is saying it. The whole company in the UFC is saying it. The winner of this, which is me, is the baddest motherf***er they’ve ever seen in their  roster in other years of the company, running the history of the company.

So s***, I mean, I don’t think I can elaborate on that anymore. I’m the baddest motherf***er there was, which is about, that’s what it says on the belt, BMF.

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MMA India Exclusive: Jorge Masvidal: 'Glad to teach the UFC life lessons!' -MMA India Exclusive: Jorge Masvidal: 'Glad to teach the UFC life lessons!' -MMA India Exclusive: Jorge Masvidal: 'Glad to teach the UFC life lessons!' -MMA India Exclusive: Jorge Masvidal: 'Glad to teach the UFC life lessons!' -MMA India Exclusive: Jorge Masvidal: 'Glad to teach the UFC life lessons!' -

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