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MMA India Exclusive: Nate Diaz: ‘170, 185, 205, 155 – everybody wants the BMF Title!’

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Q) So when you found out about all of this information about the USADA thing, because you’ve been such an advocate for clean sport, did you think that there was some sort of frame job involved, that they were trying to make you look bad initially? Why do you think that they would do that with that kind of – a big event like this at stake

You know, I shouldn’t be getting into the details, but every time after a fight, relationships change with the whole company, every fight, you know what I’m saying? What if I win this fight? What if I win this fight? For one, I’m already the baddest motherf***er in the whole game.

I made all this happen. So the title is already mine. And now, what if I win this fight? They can’t have a f***ing real motherf***er like me owning the whole s***, being the hardest, because too many people are going to hear it, you know what I’m saying?

And I’m not trying to bust nobody out, but I feel like they need some type of leverage over me to keep me from being the f***ing king of the whole s***, you know what I’m saying? They have been the whole time. They live on me.

As soon as I fought Conor the second time, which I didn’t lose, they loop holed me out of the whole situation like you’ve got to fight your way back up. I’m like no. I’m still at the top. I’m going to stay at the top.

I’ll come back when I feel like it. And looks what happens when I do.

Q) You’ve very much made it clear and throughout your whole career, that being a clean fighter is number one priority for you, is having that MO. And why is it that it’s so important to you that you would come out and try to clear the air beforehand, and potentially risk millions, a fight that you’re going to make millions? And why is that so important to you?

Yes, because it’s not worth a million if you’re going to be cheating over it, you know what I’m saying? You’ve got to sleep with that. You’ve got to sleep with that, you know what I’m saying? And I know that what it was, that it was some bulls***.

So I’m like, no, fix it. And if you don’t fix it, then that’s your bad. I’m out, you know what I’m saying? And I have all the confidence in the world about that.

And that’s what I’m saying about the people on steroids and the people who keep it a secret with whoever’s trying to keep it a secret. It’s like, why is it a secret if it’s not true, you know what I’m saying? So I think that whole keeping the secret till after the fight s*** just for everybody to make money and it’s f***ing cheating.

So I’m not going to be a part of that. I was just out of the game for three years for the reason being that we haven’t been on the same page or the same team. So why am I going to be on the same page and same team about making a cheat try to go down?

Q) Dana White has said that this BMF bout is going to be a one-time thing, that it’s not going to be defended or anything like that. Going forward, do you think that this will be a bout that you would want to defend going forward, have some other matchups with potential other BMF? 

Look, we’re already the baddest motherf***ers in the whole game, and everybody knows that, you what I’m saying? And everybody I fight from here on forward, is going to be the best motherf***ing fight you’re going to see, out of all the rest the fights that have been happening.

And they always are and always have been. And they’ve promoted it themselves, so I’ve got to promote it myself, and look where it goes. That just makes sense.

And one off – let me tell you something. 170, 185, 205, 155 or BMF title, everybody wants the BMF title. If you’ve got the option, what title would you fight for? This is the best fighter in the game right here.

So that’s the one I’m fighting for. And no matter for the belt or what. Any time you fight me, it’s going to be the best baddest motherf***ing fight you’re going to see, with the best motherf***ing fighters.

We know the belt is new, right, to be in that title. But again, I think for anybody who’s followed your career, there’s only one guy who could go in with that title entering this fight.

Do you feel extra responsibility to live up to that title? Or you already know who you are and you know what you’re capable of, and people will see that on Saturday?

I think it’s already set in stone. I’m the baddest motherf***er, and he’s the runner up, and that we’re the guys.

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