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MMA Roundup: Who said what? (2/22/2018)

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Michael Bisping – If there was any truth to Floyd Mayweather fighting CM Punk in the octagon, that would only be to build him up for the Conor McGregor rematch. It would be done to let him take time to learn takedown defence. CM Punk only had one MMA fight which he lost to Mickey Gall.

Dana White said that CM Punk is getting another fight. There is a big fight card in Chicago which is his hometown. Even though Floyd is 50-0 in boxing, he is still an amateur in MMA.

But, we could really see Floyd beating CM Punk. Floyd Mayweather can knock him out. If you have fantastic footwork and you build your career on not getting hit. You can stay away from Phil Brooks.

I think 500k has become the standard amount for a title fight if there is a ton of hype behind you. So, it’s a little surprising that Derrick Lewis would call Francis out on that.

But, I don’t understand why he would call out Ngannou like that? He is not a wrestler like Stipe Miocic. If Ngannou stays on the feet, Jesus Christ, we all know he could knock anybody out. That would be a fun fight but, I am looking forward towards Ngannou in that fight.

Respect to Derrick Lewis however for trying to get the biggest fight possible. It seems like a logical matchup. So, we’ll see what happens.

Khabib’s Manager Ali Abdelaziz – I did not want Tony Ferguson to become the champ. I want him to be the interim champion because on Fight Night, if Tony got hurt, then Khabib still fights for the undisputed lightweight championship.

But, if Tony Ferguson is the champ, then Khabib has to fight a regular fight. Any manager in my position should think, ‘Oh, let’s make Tony the champ and Khabib fight him,’ but what happens if Tony got hurt? Khabib’s going to be 30-0 with no belt.

This is why regardless – if Tony or Khabib got hurt – the belt is still on the line. 100 percent, someone will fight for the title. What I don’t want is for Khabib to fight somebody as co-main event if Tony gets hurt.

I brought it up to the UFC, Conor can come back if Khabib got hurt. Respect it or not, Conor is a two-time champion. He beat two very good guys.

They will probably announce it on fight week. If they strip him now, fight week is normal. But, if they strip him during fight week, it will be big news. I think they will bring in Dustin Poirier to fight for the belt in case either Khabib or Ferguson get hurt.

MMA Roundup: Who said what? (2/22/2018) -
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Anderson Silva – I’m just waiting for USADA and my lawyers and hopefully, it will come back soon for a fight with Roy Jones. I’m waiting for the commission.

Maybe the supplements are contaminated. If I take these steroids, I am stupid, I am too old, I am too old or I’m finished. Of course not. I love to fight, this is my life. I’m very excited to fight. If they gave me a 4-year ban, I would not retire.

Mike Perry – If fighters get fights against top ten fighters, it’s because of their managers. Colby’s manager is a better manager than Colby is a fighter. He got him the right fights with the right people that levelled him up to number 3.

I think that is as far as he goes. He won’t go past 3.

I ‘ll fight both Demian Maia and Colby with my hands down. I will catch that underhook and hit him with my other arm. They won’t get that takedown with me. I know what Colby will try to do. He will try to put his head in my lap and suck my di*k for 15 minutes.

So, we’ll see. I would like that fight.

Frankie Edgar – Khabib and I have the same manager. We are quite friendly. There aren’t many people like Khabib out there. He is very good at dominating dudes on top. Ferguson is no slouch himself. Unorthodox striking, crazy gas tank, versatile submissions and wrestling is not bad but I lean towards Khabib.

I rolled with Khabib once a couple of years ago and he is very strong like people say. How would I do with either of them? I can compete with anybody. But, I am worried about 145 now.

I’m not thinking of any other weight class.

Stipe vs Cormier is a tough one to pick. I’m a fan of both of them. DC’s wrestling is high level as it gets. He was a heavyweight champion. He has fought guys bigger than Stipe and he was able to handle them.

But, Stipe has got big power in his hands. His wrestling is top notch as well. You just don’t know with a heavyweight fight. But, I lean towards Cormier.

Israel Adesanya – I don’t like being compared to anyone. People say that I am like the old Jon Jones. Don’t disrespect him or me. We are different people.

Sure, we are big black men who are great at what we do. But, we don’t even look the same. I fell that he is great at what he does. I am carving my own legacy.

I don’t want to be compared to anyone. Not McGregor, Anderson Silva or Jones even though I look up to those guys.

I am a different breed.



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MMA Roundup: Who said what? (2/22/2018) -MMA Roundup: Who said what? (2/22/2018) -MMA Roundup: Who said what? (2/22/2018) -MMA Roundup: Who said what? (2/22/2018) -MMA Roundup: Who said what? (2/22/2018) -

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