MMA Roundup: Who said what? (2/3/2018)

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Colby Covington – I do what I say and I say what I want. Nobody can control me. This is my game now. I am the most talked about fighter. I am creating headlines in the New York Post.

There were 11 fights on Saturday. Nobody is talking about them. They are talking about my tweets. All these marks out there that want to claim that I am a piece of crap for attacking a girl. Where’s the equality at? What happened when Edmond Tarvardyan was in Ronda’s corner? He was taking all the slack for being in her corner.

Mike Perry put his girlfriend in his corner and she kind of deserved it. She has done some things in the past. She said to Alan Jouban in the hotel,” Oh, my boyfriend’s going to kill you. Fu*k you, this and that”

So, if you want to be in the spotlight, little girl, don’t act like this is a girl vs man thing. This is an equality thing. We are all equal. This is just a human and person thing.

She was in the corner and she said some stupid things on national television. “Break his leg” You set yourself up for that. I don’t feel bad for that.

Sergio Pettis – This is a big opportunity for me to fight Joseph Benavidez, number 1 ranked. I just fought Henry Cejudo and learned a lot in that fight. I will be back out there to prove myself.

This is an interesting fight. Benavidez will try and stand up with me. That’s where I feel the strongest. My stand-up has definitely got people questioning themselves making them want to take me down and put me out of striking range.

But, I think Benavidez will do the opposite and go out there and play the game with me. I will give the fans what they want which is flyweight war. I will get the title shot after beating Benavidez. I am in the UFC fighting these tough opponents.

Line them up and I will keep fighting them.

CM Punk is evolving a lot. He is definitely training hard. This guy is there every day. It’s a tough camp. He trains once in the beginning of the day with a 2-hour sessions of pad work followed by bag work and cardio.

CM Punk has had every single practice. I see a lot of improvement in his skill and his understanding of the sport is different. He is getting more comfortable in understanding positions now.

Brian Ortega speaking to Luke Thomas – I feel like I have the best submissions in the UFC. I am able to finish them all. I am able to stand up. Top game, bottom game, I will jump on your neck while we stand up. I’ve got the strength, power and technique.

So far, we have been able to be correct with all of our fights. We have been precise with every single opponent that we planned out. While training, I don’t have a plot. We have to finish them all. That takes a different type of mentality. They say, “Imagine there is no time limit, no rules, winner wins and loser loses.” This is what I grew up training with. It almost forced me to be a cool, complex killer.

Frankie Edgar speaking to Matt Serra – I think it’s BS that Conor wanted to fight me. 4 weeks ago, when I didn’t have an opponent, he didn’t say anything. But, we are here a week away from the fight and he wants to bring it up. He is smart at keeping himself in the news cycle.

It’s not like he needs the attention. He is already the most popular guy in the sport. He is good at being opportunistic. What I love about this is that people are talking about me because of this. My manager and trainers take stuff personally. Sh*t don’t bother me too much.

I have to worry about Ortega. I can’t worry about nobody else, not Holloway or McGregor.

Derrick Lewis speaking to Ariel Helwani – 226 is a stacked card if me and Francis fought on it. I don’t have no beef with nobody but Francis because he always be talkin’ sh*t about me. It would be big. They would pay me good too.

PC: MMA Junkie

Big John McCarthy speaking to MMA Junkie – I love Jon Jones. I think he is unbelievable. You can ask my wife. I think he is the greatest MMA fighter I have ever seen. My personal opinion is that I don’t personally believe the Jon took some type of steroid before fighting Daniel Cormier.

But, Jon is responsible as a professional athlete under contract with the UFC. He is responsible for everything he puts in his body. I think Jon is allowing things to enter his body that are unknown or not tested because some other trace element is in there that make you pop.

You are responsible and that’s the way I believe a commission is going to look at it. I could be wrong. But, when he took the lie detector test, I believe Jon didn’t knowingly take a pill or injection for that steroid.

But, I think he is allowing himself to ingest things for whatever reasons that sometimes contain these things because he is taking them from places where there is no quality assurance.

Miesha Tate – I would watch Brock Lesnar vs Derrick Lewis. I am curious and I think that Brock won’t win that fight. At least, I would watch his fights for the post-fight interviews

Matt Serra on Colby Covington – You fu*kin’ run your mouth like this and insult these people and you cross the lines you cross expect people to come at you. If they do and something happens to you, don’t be a bi*ch and press charges.

Because, now, that whole wacky, zany, crazy guy is gone. You’re not a maniac anymore because you went to the authorities and cried. He should not have insulted Mike Perry’s girlfriend.

I say Dana should give him to Usman. That’s the fight to make. Usman will tear him a new a*s.

Chael Sonnen speaking to Brett Okamoto – I think this case helps Jon Jones and will turn him around. He is 30 years old. He will probably get a 2-year suspension. He has already served 6 months of that. He will be back in the ring by 32 or 33. He was the best by a lot.

There is a big gap between Jon Jones and who is second, let me remind you of that. The worst performance we have ever seen him have was against Ovince St Preux. Single worst performance and he won every single round and left there with a belt.

So, even a bad Jon Jones is the roughest guy walking the planet. He probably gets his championship back. Does it mean the same? Do people care as much? I don’t know.

History has shown that these things only end up helping guys in the long run. Whether you’re infamous or famous, it all seems to help you in the end. It’s really hard to say whether he will stay out of trouble or not.

Artem Lobov speaking to Ariel Helwani – I think they would like Conor present during Ferguson vs Khabib. They did it with Aldo-Mendes in Brazil. So, I am sure they would love to see Conor in there.

There is huge anticipation for Conor fighting either one of those two guys. So, him being present at the event as those two throw down will add to it. I am sure the UFC would love him to be there.

It’s difficult to say whether he will be there or not. Conor is a busy man. He is a businessman. There are many things that need to be taken care of. But, I know that I always have his support. I know that if he does not have to be elsewhere, he will be there supporting me.

Michael Bisping on the Believe You Me Podcast – Jon Jones tested positive after defeating Daniel Cormier again. It was a beautiful performance. He knocked Daniel Cormier out. You don’t see that ever. He tested positive for Turinabol like everyone.

What I mean by that is everybody gives the same excuse of tainted supplements. It’s the oldest excuse in the book. When you’re in a courtroom, of course, you want to seem like a good person. So, he is smiling and laughing and nodding his head, playing the whole game. If Mike Tyson was there, he would be scowling at everybody.

I guess the saga of Jon Jones continues. There was really no clarification from yesterday. We know that he can’t fight in California. We know that he lost 40% of his purse. We still have to wait for USADA and find out whether he is suspended or back again.


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