MMA Roundup: Who said what? (24/2/2018)

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Kenny Florian – If Conor comes back, they will put him against fighters where he will be the betting favourite. Either Nate Diaz or Floyd Mayweather. The Floyd fight is bound to happen. Floyd was warming up his fists in an octagon. It’s going to happen.

Conor will fight in the UFC again. There is Conor McGregor who is a marketing machine for this brand. Then, there is Conor McGregor, the martial artist who is disciplined and who looks at the sport in a very intelligent manner. I don’t think that Nate Diaz is next for him necessarily.

But, what I interpreted is that this fight will happen. He knows that the fans want to see this. I honestly think that he is trying to make the fight with Floyd Mayweather in the octagon. There is too much money on the line for it not to happen. Am I going to fight Khabib for 10 million or Floyd who I can knock out in 30 seconds for 100 million?

I’m not saying that is going to happen but that is what he wants. It will probably be him against the winner of Khabib and Tony and Nate Diaz somewhere along the line.

Frankie Edgar – I don’t know what they will do with Conor. If he doesn’t come back, I won’t be surprised. But, if he does come back, I won’t be surprised either. He is a competitor. He loves the attention, the limelight. He’ll get bored of not being mentioned for too long.

The best way for him to be in the news again is by fighting. I think bringing in retired fighters to fight for the belt ruins the legitimacy of the business but we are in the entertainment business.

People want to see money fights. Champions want money fights. Sometimes, it’s not the best guy but the most popular guy that gets the money fight.

But, I am old school and I think that the rankings are the way to go. But, I get it from both sides. I understand why fighters want to make more money and the promoters who want to make more money. The money fight era is trying to generate more characters like Colby Covington like it’s the WWE and everything having these promos and this and that.

Conor is good at this. But, a lot of these guys sound lame to me.

Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub – Jon is not a knockout artist but he knocked out DC. Maybe Jon is sitting on his punches and kicks. But, what is terrifying is that he has done it but not to the extent of the best guys in the division like Jimi Manuwa.

He isn’t like Rumble Johnson but Jon would rather cut you open, break your will. If you have good wrestling, he will wrestle you. If you are a BJJ black belt like Vitor, he will submit you. Oezdemir and lot of other guys hit harder than him. Ryan Bader probably hits harder than him and look at what he did to Ryan Bader.

Jon is just a combination of things.

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Dana White speaking to TMZ – If Jon Jones came back in 2018, that would be great. It’s crazy. Jon and I spoke yesterday for the first time since his fight in July. He said that he’s good and looking at positive things right now and focusing on training. He wants to come back. Whether it happens or not is up to USADA.

Anderson Silva is one of my long-time guys. Personally, I like the guy. The question is ‘Who tainted the supplements?’ Did he buy supplements that were tainted? I don’t know.

Khabib’s Manager speaking to TMZ – Let me tell you about Conor McGregor. He is like a prostitute that used to make high dollar money but got old. This fu*king guy, for 3 years, he did everything he can, not to fight Frankie Edgar.

He was supposed to fight Frankie Edgar and he chose Chad Mendes coming off a loss camping over Frankie. He had so many opportunities and he wants to fight Frankie now? Because as soon as Max got hurt, Mark Henry told me to reach out to the UFC and ask if Conor can step in. I did call the UFC, they said that ‘we can’t even get him to fight in his own weight class.’

He’s not gonna fu*king fight Frankie. The guy is so fu*king afraid of anything that starts with F. The whole thing is that he copied everything that Floyd Mayweather has done.

He is older and he wants to be relevant. He wants to create news. He ducked Frankie Edgar for 3 years. He could have fought Frankie so many times. But, he didn’t. Now, let’s handle Ortega and then he can fight him in June. No problem. They need a main event for June.

Derek Brunson speaking to MMA Junkie – I don’t have any beef with Bisping. It’s just work and competition to me. When he said ‘bigger fish’, I think he meant someone ranked above both of us. He doesn’t want to fight any of those guys because he already fought them. I was caught a little off guard by that comment.

I didn’t know what he meant. Maybe he meant some guy that’s not ranked. Maybe it’s Dan Henderson. It made sense to me to fight him next as he is ranked number 6 and I am ranked number 7. People always say that they are going to retire. But, look at Matt Brown. He said that he was retiring.  He got a good knockout and retired. But, all of a sudden, he wanted to get back out there. It’s funny that the fans always buy into the bullcrap. If you are going to retire, then, retire. This ain’t a babysitting contest. This is the UFC. Michael Bisping is not an easy fight. He is a former champion. He got huge wins but a win over him does a lot for me.

GSP’s teammate (Olivier Mercier) speaking to the TSN MMA show – This year, I don’t know. But, will GSP fight again? I would say, ‘Yes’. He wasn’t feeling well but he is slightly better now. If I was George, the only fight I would take would be against Conor. I think that it is possible.

I think that it is a no-brainer. GSP can fight. Conor Mcgregor wants to fight. If the negotiations can work.

Miesha Tate – When Ben Askren announced his retirement, everyone was perplexed. He is only 33. In MMA age, he is in the stride of it and he is not that old. At 18-0, he would be a great addition to the UFC. He has a stellar wrestling background. He has all the qualifications that we want for someone who wants to come over to the UFC and make headlines.

Dana is a very head-strong person and that is why he is successful as president of the UFC. He makes wise decisions but that does not mean everyone will like him. I think Ben Askren is more stuck on what he stands for as opposed to ‘I want to fight for the UFC.’

It is possible that personalities between the president and top athletes clash. I have pissed Dana off before and vice versa. But, at the end of the day, he is pretty reasonable. When you make a point, he will listen and if you’re right, he will agree.

Tyron Woodley is a perfect example of what I am talking about. But, Askren is a phenomenal fighter and he would be an excellent addition to the UFC. Cyborg did not want to fight in the UFC and wanted to stay in Invicta. But, she headlined a pay per view recently.

Mike Perry on the UFC Unfiltered podcast – I see why no one wants to fight Darren Till. But, I do want to fight him. If they want to offer him to me, they know who to talk to. It’s Abe Kawa, First Round Management.

Sean Shelby does not want to call Abe and tell him that he wants to book Darren Till. I like fighting tall fighters. I have been training with middleweights. When I close that gap on you and hit you with that shot, it surprises everybody and they start running. Darren Till will also run.

Ben Askren on the MMA Tonight podcast – McGregor is barely the best in the world. The guy beat up Nate Diaz barely a couple of times. Nate Diaz himself is a very mediocre UFC fighter. There is no way you can argue that sentiment because all you have to do is look at the record. The record shows that he is a middle of the road UFC fighter and is a 500 guy. He wins half and loses half.

He has had good wins but has had terrible losses. McGregor has a couple of punches against Eddie Alvarez. Is he good? Sure. But, I would like to see him defend his belt. He has never defended his belt ever.

But, if McGregor wanted to fight me, is he the best in the world? I guess. He has got the belt. If he wanted to come up and fight me, that would be fine. He knows that is a terrible idea. I know that it’s a terrible idea. He won’t do it.


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