MMA Roundup: Who said what? (27/2/2018)

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Colby Covington – I feel sorry. This is our year. We will take that belt. No one is stopping us this year. Woodley, RDA, Wonderboy are getting sent to retirement home. This is nerd bash 2018 and top of the guest list is Wonderboy, RDA and Tyron Woodley. Whenever Tyquil stops hiding from his fake shoulder injury, I will KO him. He needs to come holla at me so that I can send him into retirement. If I can’t beta Wonderboy, why is he running from me? Ask him to sign the contract. Karate vs Wrestling. Everybody knows that wrestling wins. RDA is hiding in Brazil in his gated community. He does not want to defend his country’s honour because he knows what will happen. He was supposed to fight me in Singapore. I would love to fight him at UFC 224. But, you have to ask him whether he wants it or not. Tyquil is busy gossiping in TMZ. He is too old. He does not want to come back. He does not have the pay per view money. After piggybacking off of Conor McGregor and Jon Jones, he has that money.

Darren Till – The Dublin card sounds good. I will be fit and be ready to get straight in the cage after the win. So, win in May, win again and fight for the title. I want Wonderboy next. He isn’t getting any younger and I am the younger fighter. Let’s just fight. Basically, he wants to fight Dos Anjos to see who gets the title shot. If he beats Dos, Anjos, which he does, does that mean he gets a third go at the title? It does not make much sense. We know that he can’t beat Tyron Woodley so give someone else a chance. Fight me and beat me. Then, fight someone else and get yourself another shot if be. Or fight me and lose and let me fight someone else or fight for the title and see if I can take Tyron out which I am going to do. We all know what Tyron is going to do. He is a safe fighter. He is trying to protect the belt and fair play, until someone beats him, he is the champion. He wants a money fight with Diaz and it does not make any sense. We know that he is going to beat Diaz. He is just going to wrestle him. Diaz has got no wrestling. So, I don’t know the mentality these guys have got.

PC: Awful Announcing

Ariel Helwani – I am listening to Dominick Cruz who is a teammate of Jeremy Stephens, Michael Bisping and Daniel Cormier who are all arguing about the fight. I am shaking my head at the argument. To me, it was a downed opponent. There is an opponent with his knee on the ground. Apparently, there is a lot of confusion about the old and new rules. But, under both old and new rules, an opponent with at least one knee on the ground is a downed opponent. Any strikes to the head at that point are illegal. Jeremy Stephens on the post-fight show said that Dan Miragliotta told him that if the opponent has one hand up, you can knee him in the head. That is 100% percent false. This is just a confusion of the rules. So, why did he say that?

John McCarthy – I did not have anywhere to go as a referee other than down. I’m not saying that I was the best but I got to do the biggest shows, biggest fights and there was always going to be the next fight. I will always wish for that next fight to happen. But, there was no other place to go. I could not do any bigger show or fight. Look at what just happened to Mario. He is in a position where he is not going to work anymore. People are mad at him of certain fights. It can happen fast. You have to look at everything. I can look at my career and everything that I have been part of. It wasn’t going to get any better. This(commentary) is a new era that I can get better at and learn more. That is why I did it and Bellator has been awesome to me. Scott Coker is the best. I am having fun doing what I am doing.

Frankie Edgar – It’s tough. I don’t know if it changed the outcome, the grazing knee and the elbows. The guy was turning his head into the elbows. He got rocked before that pretty bad himself, Jeremy. He sees this guy rocked, he thinks that he can do whatever he can to finish the fight. It’s a fight. You’re trying to throw punches and hurt each other. To me, I say, let it all go. You probably knee someone a lot harder standing than on the ground. Let’s just make legal. This is a real fight. It would be cool to fight Pride style. If I got the opportunity, I would fight. I have already fought once in a no holds barred fight.

Artem Lobov – We need to clear the air that anything Zabit’s manager says can’t be taken seriously. It’s a fair point. I hate seeing managers talk so much sh*t. If you’re not the guy getting gin there backing up your talk, you should keep your mouth shut. Any other fighter can say something to me if they are willing to get in there and throw down. I will do it the same way. If he challenges me to a fight, I will accept it and step in to the octagon. That gives me the right to say what I want to say. The manager does not have that right. I have asked Sean Shelby on a number of occasions for that fight. I have messaged him about it. I want that fight. He wants that fight. Let’s make it happen. But, it has not happened.


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