MMA Roundup: Who said what? (28/2/2018)

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Artem Lobov speaking to Ariel Helwani – Fighting for a 165-pound title against Frankie Edgar was very close for Conor. It was real. Conor was ready to go. We were just gathering the troops and planning about what to do. I was talking to him the whole time. He was ready to go.

This did not happen because the UFC were not for it because it was really short notice. Enough time was not given to build the fight. From what I understood, that was the main reason for it.

Michael Bisping on the Believe You Me Podcast – Brock Lesnar will definitely fight in the UFC. I’m not going to say who because I don’t want to pull an Ariel Helwani. I don’t know who yet. I don’t know if he will sign but I am aware of someone who wants to fight him.

I am going to be careful because I am in a circle of trust. You have to respect that circle.

If Luke Rockhold wants to throw down at 205, we can entertain that, buddy. I got no problem knocking you out again. I exposed Luke Rockhold. I knocked him out.

David Branch nearly knocked him out. Yoel knocked him out. I quite literally took his soul. If he wants me to do it again, I will do it at 205 or 185. I am not bothered. That is if I am going to fight again and the deal is right.

(On Platinum Perry on losing the fight and Colby’s tweet)

It was harsh. I mean, Jesus. That is heavy, man. My wife asked me once, “What would you do if someone said that to me?” I said,” I would call the UFC straight away and tell them to put me in the octagon with him and I am going to smash his face in.”

He may have got what he wanted but I am going to smash his face in for it.

Certain things are off limits. You don’t talk about the girlfriend’s appearances. Covington can do his thing. I am not going to insult him too much.

Frankie Edgar speaking to Ariel Helwani – I heard about McGregor after waking up from a nap and seeing it on twitter. That is the first I heard of it. It was never brought to my attention otherwise.

Unless, someone did not tell me. I think that if it was real, Dana would call me personally. He has done that before. But, he didn’t. I don’t take anything he [McGregor] says seriously. If we are going to fight, we will fight. But, I doubt it. I really don’t think we will ever fight.

There have been many times we could have fought and it never materialised. If it didn’t materialise then, I don’t know if it would now. Come on, there is no 165-pound belt. It’s like saying ‘I want to fight on the moon.’

I think that Conor is just being Conor. He is the best at making news and staying relevant. He is the most popular guy in the sport. He stays in the news better than everybody except maybe Floyd Mayweather. I don’t know if he wants to fight me.

He doesn’t want to defend his own belt. If he fought me, it would be great for me. I’m not scared to fight anybody. I have been doing it for too long to be scared. At the moment, Max Holloway interests me more.

That’s the fight that matters because I don’t’ think that Conor is serious about fighting. If he is serious, we will explore it.

I am not one to call my finish. But, I think that I can finish this guy[Ortega at UFC 222]. He is the future of the division but I am the present.

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Chris Weidman – I would love to be ready by June and get in that fight card. Honestly, I thought Jacare was the one I would fight. But, my hand is taking longer to heal than I wanted.

I thought Jacare would be a great fight for the Number 1 contender spot. They wanted me to take that fight but I could not commit to it. I don’t know what is next. I don’t know who I will be fighting. I want the title fight.

So, I will fight whoever I need to get there. I am hoping that in the next 6 weeks, my hand starts turning around. After a couple of training sessions and getting confidence that I can use my hand and getting something booked, I would hope that something happens in the early summer.

But, the injury I have is pretty serious. It’s like ACL for your hands. They are reconstructing my ligament. It’s not the quickest to heals. It will take time.

Josh Emmett speaking to Ariel Helwani – I woke up in my room thinking, ‘Where am I?’. I started getting all these text messages talking about illegal blows. Urijah talked about appealing it with my management team.

So, I had no idea what was going on. I saw the short clip that my manager sent me and I thought that it made sense. I thought that I got hit with an uppercut. It could have been a knee.

Obviously, we are in the fight and I am getting hit. So, I am not going to stop and tell the referee that he his hitting me in the back of the head. I am not saying that he is a dirty fighter.

But, after watching it, I just wish that I had more of a fair chance. I wish Dan would have done his job. If he had stopped the fight, I would have got a little time to recover. Maybe, they could have taken a point away from Stephens.

It could have been a completely different outcome. He said that he did not see it. I watched the clip and Urijah sent me a picture. It shows the knee connecting with my head and Dan looking right at it.

Kenny Florian – Jeremy Stephens said that Miragliotta told him that he could throw a knee if Emmett had one hand up. But, here’s the thing. Emmett’s knees were on the mat. So, it doesn’t matter. When one or both knees are on the mat, it has nothing to do with hands anymore.

That is a downed fighter that you can’t knee. Here’s the problem for Jeremy. Maybe he misunderstood the rule. He went for it without seeing Emmett’s knees on the mat. I don’t fault him for that.

Was it an illegal knee? Yes. It doesn’t matter how badly it landed. It was illegal. I don’t think that Stephens was purposely trying to knock him out illegally. I don’t think that it even made that much of a difference.

The left hook was way more devastating than the knee. What about those elbows that he followed up with? Those were even more brutal than anything. I don’t think the knee played a factor in this fight.

Tyron Woodley – Colby was dirty for his tweet though. He planned it but I will expose him right now. He has got this stuff scripted. That is what is so bad. If he thought this was funny, somebody is writing this for him.

They are rehearsing it together and it is terrible. At least, get someone that is good at it. They are scripting this bullcrap and it is terrible. You can say whatever you want about another fighter but don’t talk about somebody’s woman.

People kill over their women. I need to text Mike Perry because he is a real street dude. I have to tell him that he can’t beat anybody in the top ten. He beat up Demian Maia after I fought him.

He was a dude on his way out. I don’t want to see Mike Perry get into any trouble.

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