Nate Diaz’s VEGAN multivitamins found to be tainted, USADA clears him of any wrong doing

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Yesterday, Nate Diaz tweeted out that he won’t be making the trip to the big apple for his upcoming mega-fight against Jorge Masvidal, which was scheduled for UFC 244 at the Madison Square Garden in NYC.

Diaz tested positive for elevated levels of a substance and he believes it came from a tainted supplement. Diaz didn’t specify as to what the substance was. This is a big blow for the UFC as this would easily have been the highest selling PPV of the year.

Now, UFC has issued a public statement stating that Nate Diaz has been cleared of any wrongdoing. According to the statement, bottles of organic plant-based daily multivitamin that Diaz was using was each contaminated with LGD-4033 and as a result, his samples showed elevated levels of concentration.

As a result, Diaz has not committed an anti-doping policy violation, has not been provisionally suspended and is not subject to any sanctions. The statement also said that no appreciable performance-enhancing or therapeutic benefit from the significantly limited amount of LGD-4033 that may be present in his system, which is roughly 10,000 times lower than one LGD-4033 therapeutic dose.

Nate Diaz is now free to fight at the Madison Square Garden in NYC  against Jorge Masvidal.


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