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Nick Diaz training with Tyson Fury ahead of UFC Return

nick diaz and tyson fury

UFC fighter Nick Diaz ahead of his much-awaited UFC return was seen training with world Boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

One of the biggest stars in the game, Nick Diaz is in the headlines recently since the news of his return is out. Diaz was rumored to return to the UFC but there was no significant confirmation. At UFC 261, Nick was in attendance which made the crowd go crazy and again the flame of his return was ignited. UFC president Dana White put the end to all the talks and said that Nick Diaz will finally return and he will be having some serious talks with him after UFC 261.

Recently White said the meeting went well, but he’s not entirely sold on Diaz’s desire to compete again as he doesn’t see anything that would motivate him to keep fighting.

“It went good,” White told ESPN. “My whole thing with Nick Diaz is I just question how bad he really wants to fight. We got together, we had a great conversation, talked about a possible comeback for him, I just don’t know. We’ll see how it plays out this summer and the rest of this year.”

“It’s just the amount of time that he’s taken off already,” White said. “When you hear him talk about fighting, when you hear him talk about the sport – and I sit down daily, or talk to daily, hungry, young savages that want to break into the top 10, become world champions, all that stuff. Nick Diaz has done it all, seen it all. He’s been in big fights. I just don’t see that in him when I talk to him.”

Nick Diaz and Tyson Fury training together

A video has surfaced on the internet and caught everyone’s attention. In the video posted by heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, we see him taking some MMA lessons from Nick Diaz.

Diaz is preparing for his MMA comeback whereas Tyson Fury, is training for his highly anticipated fight against Anthony Joshua in August. Both of them met at Warriors Boxing Gym in Hollywood, Fla.

Tyson Fury posted the video in which he was asking UFC President Dana White to make the fight happen for Diaz.

“We’re working out,” Fury yelled. “We’re coming for all you motherf*ckers out there. You’re getting smashed to f*ck. You better believe it. (Nick is) absolutely smashing it. He’s in tremendous shape. He’s ready. Make the fight, Dana. Make the fight.”

This isn’t the first time we have seen Fury train with UFC fighter. Earlier we have seen Fury train with UFC welterweight and middleweight fighter Darren Till. Fury on several occasions has shown interest in fighting in the UFC.

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