ONE president Chatri Sityodtong pays tribute to Sage Northcutt after devastating loss

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After Sage Northcutt’s recent devastating first-round loss, ONE president dedicated a long Facebook post to him.

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Here’s what he wrote:

“I visited Sage Northcutt yesterday morning at the hospital, and he was still beaming with optimism. I was genuinely amazed by his strength of character and positive outlook in the midst of one of the worst things that has ever happened to him in life. (The left side of his face was shattered in 8 places from Cosmo Alexandre’s punch, and Sage underwent a 9 hour operation last night). I always say that the world learns who someone truly is by how he/she reacts to success and failure. The truth is that both success and failure are imposters. For me, the mark of a great human being is someone who can experience both without changing with the wind. It takes strong values and a strong character to remain who you are in the face of success and failure. Let me say that Sage has handled this failure in the most extraordinary way. I am genuinely blown away by his grace, courage, and character. For me, Sage is more of a superhero to the world than I even imagined when he first signed with ONE Championship. I promise you that Sage will be back better, faster, and stronger than ever before. This setback is just a small blip on his path to greatness. The world is truly his oyster. Please join me in wishing Sage a full and speedy recovery.

On a different note, my staff alerted me to the online hate from the keyboard warriors about Sage. There is simply no excuse for all of this hatred, bullying, and mockery. It does not matter if you are a fan or not. It does not matter if he is a public figure or not. It does not even matter if you like him or not. First and foremost, Sage is a human being. Just like you and me. He is someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s boyfriend, someone’s best friend. What if someone treated your dad, brother, son, or friend in that manner? How would you feel?

If you are a martial artist or a fighter, please do not forget that Sage is one of us. He is a great fighter who simply did not have his night. It happens to all of us. We all know what it is like to train our asses off only to get smashed. We all know the love and dedication it takes to learn a kick, a punch, or a submission. We all know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into achieving a dream. Man, if anything, we should all be standing united, defending Sage against all the haters who have never stepped into a martial arts school or a ring or a cage. Let us stand up and applaud Sage for chasing his dreams fearlessly for the whole world to witness. Let us join hands and educate the world about his extraordinary story and incredible warrior spirit. Let us unite about all the great things he has done in his life due to the power of martial arts. Martial arts has made all of our lives better. Let us not forget that Sage or anyone else who lost in Singapore is one of us. We are ONE.

Sage is a real-life superhero. He has already contributed more to martial arts than 99% of the world has. He has inspired millions of people to unleash their greatness in life too. At the end of the day, Sage went out on his shield the way true warriors do. He did not break. He did not show fear. He did not tap. He lost like a champion. As a fellow lifelong martial artist, I am proud of Sage for representing us on the biggest global stage of martial arts in the world. Win or lose, he is an inspiration to people all over the world. Thank you for representing and honoring all of us, Sage! I am full of gratitude and appreciation that you are part of the ONE Championship family. #gratitude

In many ways, social media has become a sad reflection of humanity. Some people use it to post only the best aspect of their lives to show the world how great their life is. Others post beautiful photos of material things to show how wealthy or successful they are. And some even use social media to post things with the intention to harm others. Without a doubt, social media reveals the ugly side of human nature. If there is anything I have learned in life, it is that we all have the choice every day to focus on positive energy or negative energy in our lives. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but we all still have the choice every day to do something positive and uplifting to inspire others. And no one’s life is perfect. We all struggle in one way or another. We all suffer from setbacks, problems, failures, mistakes, and obstacles. We all have people we like and people we do not like. We all have good days and we all have bad days.

Life might be messy, but it does not have to be ugly.

Thank you for elevating the sport we all love, Sage. May you always be blessed with much love, happiness, success, and health. In my eyes, you are a true champion. RESPECT!!! #WeAreONE”

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