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Paulie Malignaggi says bye bye to Conor Mcgregor’s boxing camp

The rumbles were loud and clear and things seem to have erupted a little sooner than people thought they would.

Paulie Malignaggi after initially protesting about leaked photos from the Conor Mcgregor camp which painted him in a bad light by implying that Conor was getting the better of him, which he said were leaked by the Conor camp since they were the only one’s with an official photographer covering the sparring session, has now left the camp. Paulie also felt that he was set up since he was flown down on Minday from New York and immediately put into a 12 round sparring session with Conor on Tuesday but this time with an audience which Paulie had not been informed about. In the audience were heavy weights UFC president Dana White and ex boss Lorenzo Fertitta.

Paulie feels that the photos paint a one sided pic of the sparring session and that he actually beat Conor’s ass over the course of the 12 rounds and dared Conor’s camp and the UFC to release footage of all 12 rounds.

After everything that transpired, Paulie felt leaving the camp would be the best move and has promised not to reveal any sparring secrets about Conor, but to reveal all at a later stage.

Below we reproduce some pics from the camp which Paulie feels were deliberately leaked to make him look bad and and Paulie’s twitter’s statements.



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