WATCH: Paulo Costa chases down sparring partner disguised as Adesanya

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Paulo Costa recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel where he’s showcasing a spoof of how he thinks the real fight will go.


Costa has been waiting to get his title shot against Israel Adesanya, and the fight is finally scheduled to happen on September 26th at UFC 253. In preparation for the fight, Costa has bought in a tall, skinny Muay Thai specialist to spar with. Costa being Costa, he obviously does not miss any chance to play with the mind of his opponent, as he took time to prepare a video of him beating down and chasing the sparring partner, who was disguised as Israel Adesanya.

The impersonator does a very good job to his credit, by acting out Izzy’s entrance, and all his dance moves. He went as far as spraying his hair to make it look pink.

Watch the video here:

After a shockingly boring performance in his fight against Yoel Romero, Paulo Costa held nothing back as he called Adesanya out for running away from Romero, and blamed him for the pace of the fight. He predicts that Adesanya will adopt a similar strategy in their upcoming fight, and has made plans for it.

I really think he has good skills,” Costa told ESPN. “His best skill is running away – avoid the fight. He’s very good at that – very good when he wants to do that. I tried to ask him why he just stood when he faced [Yoel] Romero. The only thing more disturbing than his hair was his fight against Romero.

Israel Adesanya, in another interview, responded to these claims by Paulo. “He’s dumb,” Adesanya told ESPN. “He’s dumb and he walks forward and he throws shots. That’s what makes it really exciting, and that’s what I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to this big, inflated ignoramus, running up on me, trying to throw shots as I keep moving and sticking him.”

Adesanya believes Paulo Costa fight will be different from Yoel Romero

Contrary to what Costa believes, Adesanya thinks the fight will be different from his previous one because of the aggressive nature of Costa.

“Like I said, he’s dumb. But that’s what makes him dangerous, as well, because he’s not scared to walk forward and just throw, and he’s strong. But the same thing happens when they step in the cage with me. When they see me, they feel me. They say, ‘Oh my God – he’s a lot stronger than I thought. Oh my God – he’s a lot bigger than I thought.”

What do you think will be the outcome of the fight?

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