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Placing Bets via Smartwatches

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Jay Rock
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The smartphone is pretty mobile, but not as mobile as the smartwatch. Smartwatches are great gadgets to have in your possession, as they allow you to perform almost every activity you would miss without a phone. The features supported on smartwatches include messaging, voice calling, Bluetooth tethering, browsing, and online betting.

Assuming you stepped out of the office to eat at a cafeteria and while eating, you discovered that you forgot your phone at the office. An important match is about to take off. You are certain that you know the direction of the game, but unfortunately, your phone is not with you. Nothing is more painful to the real bettor than the inability to act on a precalculated and instinctual move. Unlike the phone, one item that sticks with us most times of the day is the watch.

What if you can place your bets directly from your smartwatch?

Great idea? We thought so.

How do Smartwatches work?

The mode of operation of a smartwatch depends on its intended purpose. A smartwatch can be designed for general or specific purposes. The general-purpose smartwatch is a digital watch built around a smartphone-dependent culture. With general-use smartwatches, you can get notifications on important schedules, control media playbacks, and install phone apps.

Unlike general-use smartwatches, specific-purpose smartwatches were designed around a less phone-dependent culture and serve certain tasks such as exercising, hiking, swimming, flying, and diving. We are yet to witness the emergence of specific-purpose smartwatches for online betting, however, you can place a bet on general-purpose smartwatches using phone apps.

The major setbacks facing the usage of smartwatches in online betting are;

  1. The compatibility of these apps with smartwatches of different screen sizes and shapes (round or square).
  2. The limitations on the number of wagers that can be made and the number of features available on the smartwatch version of online betting apps.
  3. The inability to create an account via the smartwatch app.

We assume you are using a smartwatch phone as opposed to regular smartwatches (that require Bluetooth tethering to function). Most smartwatch phones are designed with standard android OS or iOS. Also, you can insert a SIM to make calls.

How to place a bet with a smartwatch?

Placing a bet via a smartwatch is pretty much similar to placing a bet on a smartphone. The only difference is the device used. Some players have issues with the screen size, but smartwatch betting gets easier when you get accustomed to it.

Before heading to your smartwatch to place a bet, you need to sign up with your phone or desktop. To enable real cash gambling, you have to deposit money into your betting account.

Go to your wear OS or smartwatch app store and install the betting app you intend to use. Some betting apps allow you to monitor live games while others allow you to place bets on your favorite games such as casino, NBA, football, and equestrian games. You can install as many apps that your memory space can contain.

Ensure your internet connectivity is enabled. Sign in to your account via the desired app and place your bets without restraints.

Asides from convenience, another reason to hold tight to your smartwatch is the ability to multitask on the go. You can leave your phone at home and you would not even notice because the smartwatch is always there to save the day.

Best smartwatch apps for online betting

A good rule of thumb for placing bets on smartwatches is to search for the websites that support the feature. Not all websites have provisions for smartwatch gambling. Even the ones that support smartwatch betting barely offer full services for all games, hence you need to dig deep. Also, it might be difficult to use smartwatch betting apps in countries where betting is banned. However, you can make a wager in India with the aid of online betting sites in Indian Rupees.

Below are the smartwatch apps that support online betting and their respective compatible smartwatches.

Paddy Power on SW2

Sony Smartwatch users can wager on horse racing, football, and golf using the paddy power app. The app syncs perfectly with the user interface in real-time.

Betting apps for Apple Watch users

Apple is a leading company in the smartwatch marketplace. Their digital watches have strong batteries and fit perfectly with the wrist. The betting apps supported by Apple Watch include Jackpot City, Draftking, William Hill bookmarker, ESPN, Ladbrokes Australia, and the score app.

Spin Palace Roulette for Motorola 360 users

The simple Motorola 360 smartwatch accommodates casino games available on the app store. A popular example is Spin Palace Roulette.

The Dark Knight Rises for Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 users

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 comes with an extra-large screen, making it for bettors to make wagers without breaking a sweat. The smartwatch allows you to install casino games and slot machine games.

Final Thoughts

The idea of betting using a smartwatch is still in its juvenile phase. However, as time goes on, people will embrace the smartphone alternative, since it is a more convenient approach to online betting.

Placing Bets via Smartwatches - smartwatchesPlacing Bets via Smartwatches - smartwatchesPlacing Bets via Smartwatches - smartwatchesPlacing Bets via Smartwatches - smartwatchesPlacing Bets via Smartwatches - smartwatches

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