RDA responds to Conor McGregor over ‘broken foot’ jibe

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Former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos recently took on former UFC lightweight Kevin Lee in the latter’s welterweight debut. dos Anjos put on an absolute striking clinic, even displaying top-notch grappling and takedown defense to keep Lee at bay, eventually winning the fight in the fourth round via submission due to an arm triangle choke. This led one Twitter user to speculate how RDA would have fared against Conor McGregor if his foot had not broken when they were initially scheduled to face other. However, McGregor decided to take a jibe at RDA and claimed that RDA ‘bottled it with a broken toe’. Though, RDA was quick to hit back at McGregor via Twitter.

RDA stated that McGregor’s ‘broken foot’ jibe at him was distasteful. Here’s what he had to say:

That broken foot is my working tool. Making fun as a fellow fighter shows the person your. Before sleep you wonder what life would’ve been if that fight happened and I made you eat that foot. Enjoy your fortune drinking that brown water cheap whiskey without making fun of my misfortune.

Below is the initial tweet by McGregor:


Below is RDA’s response:








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