The real reason why Dana White and Tyron Woodley have ‘BEEF’

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It’s no secret that Dana White and Tyron Woodley don’t like each other, and it became more evident at UFC 228, where Darren Till submitted Darren Till in the second round to successfully defend his title, but Dana White didn’t seem very happy with the result.

It was even more evident when Dana White left the building before he could answer questions about a fighter he has a sordid history with. White has called Woodley “full of s—t”, a fight choker, and said he “shoots himself in the foot” when he opens his mouth, and Woodley has returned the favor in numerous occasions as well.

Even going into the build-up to UFC 228, White said during open media workouts, “When you’re from England, and you’re in the US -in TEXAS! – and they are booing the American guy? That sums it up.”

However, there might be a good reason why Dana White and Tyron Woodley have beef with each other and according to former UFC lightweight fighter Din Thomas who recently appeared on ESPN, there’s a good reason why they don’t like each other.

“Everybody is coming down on Dana, trying to say he was upset. I will say this, when Dana came into the cage, he called my name and gave me a nod like, “Good job.” That’s all I can say about Dana. He didn’t have to do that.

They’re just so similar. I think if they had the same background and upbringing, they would love each other because they have similar personalities. But the thing is, they grew up different. Tyron grew up one way, Dana grew up another way — and they were kind of the opposite. They’re both so stubborn.

Even when it comes to the fight game, Dana loves fighters that will just go out there and be reckless. That’s his personality. Dana is like that. The stuff we do on the show [“Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight”] is reckless. Tyron is not that way. Tyron is cautious and says he doesn’t want to put himself in harm’s way for anybody else, if he can do it another way. They’re not willing to see each other’s point of view on that. Dana is never going to go, ‘Maybe Tyron is right, his health is important to him.’ And Tyron is never going to say, ‘Maybe Dana is right, I need to take more chances and do something for the fans.”

[Transcript courtesy of ESPN]

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