Reasons to Date an MMA Fighter

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To the uninitiated, MMA contests look like brutal, often bloody affairs, with the athletes able to employ a variety of techniques to better their opponents. As the title suggests, competitions are a meld of kickboxing, boxing, and various forms of martial arts. But ever since Bruce Lee exploded onto cinema screens in the 1970s, combining elements of martial arts to knock out enemies has been hugely popular. So rather than be deterred because a partner is into MMA fighting, there are so many reasons why you should embrace the experience.

How important are relationships for fighters

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First of all, if you are fortunate enough to go out with one of these athletes, the positives will far outweigh the negatives. Fighters need to be at peak condition before going anywhere near the cage where these contests occur. This will mean hours of dedicated pre-match workouts at home or the gym. But you are going to have access to a sculpted, musclebound body and a partner whose stamina will ensure that you are in for a good time when you’re finally alone together!

It will help with your MMA relationship if you are prepared to think outside the box. Rather than going for conventional or ‘vanilla’ dating, are you the type who is willing to take risks and explore exciting new possibilities? There is a definite link between people who are drawn to extremes in sport and in their sex lives. Let’s take an example. Someone in Birmingham who is into watching physical contests might also be interested in fetishes. There are all sorts of fetish activities they could get into, and if they’re keen to meet fellow enthusiasts, all they have to do is register with a dating service made to pursue fetishes in Birmingham. Outlets like this offer a discreet meeting place. Whether you are turned on by kinky underwear, different parts of the body, or BDSM, you can introduce yourself in the fetish chat rooms, get to know other singles sharing your tastes, and plan where to meet in Birmingham to indulge in your fantasies.

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If you also love watching MMA, the ideal scenario would be to come across someone from your neighborhood who was into the physical aspects of MMA competitions and also had a taste for strenuous sexual acts. You could interact with a cross-section of members who are into BDSM action but are also keen on MMA. Both disciplines combine pleasure, physical prowess, and a degree of pain!

What is it like to be in a relationship with a professional fighter?

When you get into a relationship with a professional combatant, expect to experience the highs and lows of their fighting career. It might be a good idea to prepare yourself for the potential ups and downs by doing some background research into MMA. As well as giving you a handle on what to expect, developing some knowledge about this activity would also be good for your relationship. Your significant other accepts they while the rewards for success can be considerable, it won’t always be plain sailing.

It would be useful if you could take part in conversations about some of the MMA stars who have gone through troubled times but emerged at the other end with renewed vigor. An example of what you might wish to discuss could be the fortunes of US fighter Jared ‘The Killa Gorilla’ Cannonier, currently ranked in the top three in the UFC middleweight division. Although he is now considered one of the best in his division, he has competed for promotion to this level for several years, with mixed fortunes. He lost his debut heavyweight contest in a first-round knockout. But since swapping divisions, he has found his feet fighting as a middleweight. 

Another aspect of being in a relationship with an MMA fighter is the traveling that can be involved. If your love interest is in one of the top UFC divisions, they can expect to be challenged to face-off in various countries across the world. As you traveled to accompany them, it’s doubtful if you would be expected to spend the journey seated in economy class.

To conclude, there are certainly detrimental factors involved with dating an MMA fighter. When they lose contests, they are liable to mope about the house, banging tours, their temper flaring at the slightest inconsequential thing. But when they are on a winning streak, they’ll be a joy to be around. Don’t forget how lucrative this sport can be. The aforementioned Cannonier has amassed prize money, placing his personal wealth somewhere in the region of almost $975,000. For one fight in 2019, he received almost $200,000. You can imagine being presented with that sort of dividend would put your MMA partner in the mood for some serious celebration. You could expect to be suitably spoiled!


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