Rico Verhoeven praises Francis Ngannou, calls out Stipe Miocic for a superfight

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Rico Verhoeven is a Dutch kickboxer and current Glory Heavyweight Champion. He has also competed in the K-1, It’s Showtime and SUPERKOMBAT promotions. Verhoeven is currently ranked the #1 heavyweight in the world by LiverKick.com, Combat Press and GLORY. He said..

“It’s not like he’s the best striker, but Francis Ngannou… I don’t know what this guy’s doing, but God damn, he’s decapitating guys in there,” “I just love the way he’s fighting right now, but I would also love to see him go for a second and third and fourth round and see how he does there after a few rounds. For now, he’s doing real good. He’s doing real good and I wish him all the best, who knows, maybe somebody we’re gonna fight each other…”

“I’m open for any cross, mixed fight, you know?” Verhoeven said. “For example Stipe. You know, you gotta fight champions. Champion versus champion, the kickboxing king versus the king of heavyweight MMA. You know, a cross fight. I jump into MMA and then he jumps into kickboxing, boom, that’s what I’m calling a promotion, that’s a big fight.”

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