Sadhguru makes special appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience

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The Joe Rogan Experience, run by UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has seen appearances of a vastitude of guests from diverse backgrounds and this time, the latest to share the mic with Rogan was none other than the Sadhguru, the renowned spiritual leader and yoga guru from India whom Rogan addressed as “a really interesting guy.”

SadJagadish “Jaggi” Vasudev, better known as the Sadhguru moniker, hails from Mysore has been a yoga guru since 1982 and a decade after starting to teach yoga in Southern India, Sadhguru initiated the ‘Isha Foundation’, a non profit and spiritual organisation majorly run by volunteers and conducts educational and yoga activities.

Sadhguru puts forward his “Save Soil” campaign on Joe Rogan’s podcast

Joe Rogan, who has been hosting the podcast since December 2009, is not only known for his enthusiasm on all things combat sports, his comedic side as well as his adventures into the psychedelics, but the mixed martial arts persona’s interest in spirituality is also well known among his followers.

And on the same note, one of the most notable spiritual leaders of the modern world was seen as the guest on the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience. Sadhguru also detailed the “Save Soil” campaign, a global awarenees campaign launched by the mystic to raise concern about soil crisis.

“I had a very enjoyable conversation with Sadhguru, available now on Spotify. He’s a really interesting guy, and it was a lot of fun to talk to him,” Rogan posted on Instagram following the podcast, along with a picture of him with Sadhguru.

The 64-year-old yogi had his own set of admiration for Rogan on his Instagram, along with touching upon the Save Soil campaign.

“A joy talking to you, Joe Rogan. Join us to #SaveSoil. Soil unifies us beyond all divisions we have created unconsciously. This is an opportunity for Humanity to unite Consciously & rekindle our connection with that which is the basis of all Life on this planet,” read the caption of Sadhguru’s post.

The latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience featuring Sadhguru is available on Spotify.


  • Indian yogi and mystic leader Sadhguru appeared as a guest in the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast hosted by Joe Rogan who is known for his interests in spirituality
  • Sadhguru also detailed the Save Soil campaign on the podcast which is a global awareness campaign against the soil crisis

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