Sean O’Malley Got Swatted While Livestreaming!! What is Swatting and how it happens

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UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley recently fell victim to swatting. While livestreaming, armed police stormed his home after a false report that he had murdered both of his parents and was an active shooter. Sean O’Malley surrendered to the police, and fortunately, he managed to explain to the authorities about the entire mishap and confusion.

Sean O’Malley Talks About The Swatting Incident

Sean O’Malley opened up on the seriousness of the situation and how he managed to get out of the hell hole.

“I feel like instantly I kinda knew because I’ve heard about like Adin [Ross], and the big streamers getting swatted. People find out where they’re at and they call the cops, say something happened that obviously didn’t happen and then they’re f*cking getting swatted.”

“I was sitting in the back of that cop car in handcuffs and I was like, ‘Dude, that’s crazy. I had freedom five minutes ago. Now I have none. Zero.”

“They said I k*lled my parents, or something like that, and they thought there was an active shooter inside. .. Someone called the cops and said there’s an active shooter, and two dead people in the house or something.”

Swatting is not only dangerous but also wastes valuable resources and can lead to injury or death. Authorities are working to combat this criminal act, but it remains a serious concern.

What Is Swatting?

Swatting is a malicious act where someone intentionally reports a false crime or emergency to law enforcement, prompting an aggressive response—often involving a SWAT team—to the victim’s home or workplace. The goal is to harass and intimidate the target.

How Does Swatting Happen?

The perpetrator calls emergency services (usually 911) and fabricates a serious situation. They might claim there’s an active shooter, a bomb threat, or a hostage situation at the victim’s location.

Swatters use various techniques to disguise their identity or manipulate the system. These include caller ID spoofing, social engineering, and phone phreaking. Emergency services dispatch police or SWAT teams to the reported address based on the false information. Armed officers arrive, often with guns drawn, ready for a high-risk situation.

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