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Earlier today in Myanmar all fighters made weight ahead of WLC: King of Nine Limbs live on UFC Fight Pass tomorrow (Friday, August 2) from the Mandalar Thiri Indoor Stadium, Mandalay, Myanmar.
Canadian reality TV star and the self-proclaimed ‘King of Lethwei’ Dave Leduc makes his WLC debut and will compete in the main event against UFC veteran Seth Baczynski for the vacant cruiserweight title while the co-main event will see a collision of two of Europe’s most dangerous strikers as Poland’s Artur Saladiak defends his light middleweight title against Ukrainian muay thai champion Sasha Moisa.
Weigh-In Results


Main Event
Vacant Cruiserweight Title (79 to 84 kg)
Dave ”The Nomad” Leduc (82.74 kg) vs. Seth Baczynski (83.29 kg)
Co-Main Event 
Light Middleweight Title (67 to 71 kg)
Champion Artur Saladiak (70.60 kg) vs. Sasha Moisa (70.64 kg)
Fight 5 (Featherweight 54 to 57 kg): Mite Yine (57 kg) vs. Otop Sathianmuaythai Gym (56.46 kg)
Fight 4 (Women’s Bantamweight 51 to 54 kg): Souris Manfredi (53.80 kg) vs. Eh Yanut (54 kg)
Fight 3 (Lightweight 57 to 60 kg): Nguyễn Trần Duy Nhất (60 kg) vs. Izat Zaki (58.72 kg)
Fight 2 (Lightweight 57 to 60 kg): Hein Tun Aung (58.50 kg) vs. Linn Htet Aung (57.46 kg)
Fight 1 (Welterweight 63.5 to 67 kg): Saw El Kaluu (66 kg) vs. Saw Lin Lin (66.44 kg)
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Note: Two fights, Paing Thet Aung vs. Aung Paing and Htet Naing Aung vs. Sai Maung Maung, has been cancelled due to medical reason.

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