Singer who performed Conor McGregor’s UFC 189 walkout accuses him of being racist!

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Conor McGregor and popular Irish singer Sinead O’Connor threw verbal jabs at each other on social media. Sinead O’Connor is one of the most popular singers to come out of Ireland.

Both celebrities talked back and forth on the topics of immigration during the coronavirus pandemic ravaging parts of Europe. So far Ireland has registered 13,271 cases and 486 deaths.

It all started when an Irish fruit company chartered a flight from Bulgaria to carry skilled horticulture staff to Ireland. Many locals slammed this decision and criticized the company for doing so during a nationwide lockdown.

Conor McGregor responded to this situation by urging the natives to apply for local agriculture jobs in a tweet.

“Men and Women, WE ARE HIRING,” Conor McGregor said. “I need 1,500 laborers ready to work in our amazing food and agriculture industry. Flying in 1,500 people from the outside world, at this point in time, will break the chains of all command.”

This tweet seemed to have triggered Sinead O’Connor as she put McGregor on blast. She sent out a series of tweet calling McGregor Xenophobic and racist.

“Could you please elucidate me as to what exactly you are referring when you say the chains of command?” Asked O’Connor. “Which you say will be broken if immigrant workers come to help farmers. What exactly are the chains of command?”

“Because you sound like a slave owner more with each passing year. I mean, I love you an all, but like, what the f*ck racist sh*t you been swallowing? Where has the real Conor gone? Because I know your mama didn’t raise you to be any kind of racist.”

“If you think you’re helping Irish people by stoking xenophobia, you seriously need help yourself,” she added. “Your remarks to Mayweather made me ashamed of you to be honest. But I said nothing. But this “chain of all command” remark is dangerous. You ought withdraw it.”

The former two-division UFC champion responded by replying to Sinead O’Connor stating that it was xenophobic or racist to highlight the risk of air travel during the pandemic.

“I will refuse to listen to ‘don’t move more than 2k from home’ yet air and sea ports, where the virus first entered, remain fully open” said McGregor. “With upwards of 1k passengers in and out daily. It is equivalent to pushing and pulling at the same time. That command cannot be followed. How?

“On top of this, there are now 1500 labourers being sourced to fly in from abroad to work in our agriculture industry. At this time? Too dangerous. Too risky. Also, I’m sure we have 1500 out of work labourers at the ready. On soil. It simply makes no sense what is being touted.

Meanwhile, the popular singer continued to accuse McGregor of racism and stoking Xenophobia.

“Shut [your] gob would be better,” O’Connor declared. “Man, I just get pissed about people going on about immigrants. Always full of gaslighting excuses. Saying they aren’t xenophobic when they clearly are. We ought be grateful any human being fleeing for their life thought we were worth coming to.”

Things weren’t always like this between McGregor and O’Connor. During McGregor’s fight at UFC 189 against Chad Mendes, O’Connor welcomed McGregor by singing her popular song ‘foggy dew’ to the cage.


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