Sonam Zomba aspires to be the best professional MMA fighter in India

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Last month, Sonam Zomba of Arunachal Pradesh won a gold medal at the All India Mixed Martial Arts Federation (AIMMAF) competition, which took place in Delhi from June 16 to 19 at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. Sonam Zomba is the first athlete from North East India to win a medal at the AIMMAF tournament. Training at BIDANG MMA gym under Bhabajeet Choudhary, she has been selected to represent India at the Asian Championship taking place later this year. Sonam’s head coach Bhabajeet is an MMA fighter based in Assam and has competed in numerous MMA organizations including the Super Fight League.

Sonam Zomba | Pic Credit: Instagram

Interview with Sonam Zomba

The MMA India Show had the opportunity to chat with Sonam Zomba to talk about her previous fights, her achievements in MMA, and her future in the sport.

1.) How did your martial arts career start?

“So my Mixed Martial Arts career started back in 1st November 2016. I came to Guwahati to pursue my degree. One of my friends used to train in Mixed Martial Arts in Bidang. So she suggested that I can join too. Back then I was a little healthy, so I decided, I can lose some weight and learn self defense. So I decided to join it.

2.) What type of martial arts did you start? Or did you get directly into MMA?

“I don’t have any type. I directly got into MMA under Bhabajeet sir since the day one only, I’ve been training in Bidang.”

3.) Please list your accolades in MMA? or other martial arts competitions that you have participated in?

“I had joined in 2016 and in 2017 there was All India National Open, I think. I played there and won gold. I played in Shillong Cage Fight and I won there. I played Reebok Fight Night also and I won in BFC and many ‘Club Wars.’ Recently, I played this National and I’ve won both in striking and MMA strawweight female, 2 Golds.”

4.) How long have you been training in Bidang MMA?

“I’ve been training in Bidang since 2016, so it’s been more than five years since I’ve been training.”

5.) Which was your toughest fight at the IHFF open nationals?

“I didn’t find it too tough but the striking MMA that I did, I wouldn’t say it was tough. But, she was fine.”  

6.) What are your aspirations as an MMA fighter?

“I want to be one of the best fighters from India, who beats International fighters  you know. [Someone] who’s very technical,really strong, I want to be like that.” 

7.) When do you plan on turning professional?

“It’s been one year since I decided to go professional in this line. But I completed my degree and masters. I was like, let’s just do this because I’ve been doing this, so I want to be a professional fighter. It’s been one year now. Since 2020, I’ve decided to be a professional fighter.”   

8.) What do you do apart from MMA?

“Apart from MMA, I’m also a personal trainer in Bidang MMA and Fitness. I train here and work, I do everything in here.”  

9.) What’s the next competition that you’re preparing for?

“I’m preparing for another pro fight, BOV I think. Right now, I have not much news. But, I’m preparing for the fight.” 

10.) Your favorite fighter or a fighter that you look up to and try to emulate styles?

“My favourite fighter is Bhabajeet sir. It’s like, you know he’s really explosive, he’s really technical, he’s really strong. So, I do look up to him. I really want to be explosive and strong like him. I have one more fighter from ONE Championship, she’s Jackie Buntan. I really love her style, her striking style. So these are the two fighters I look up to. One is my coach and another is her.”

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