Stephen Thompson is confident that former champion Chris Weidman will fight again

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UFC top welterweight contender Stephen Thompson is confident that his brother-in-law Chris Weidman who recently broke his leg will recover and fight in the UFC again.

At UFC 261, Chris Weidman was fighting Uriah Hall in their rematch with Chris winning the first fight a few years ago. In the very first minute of the fight after showing some feints, Chirs Weidman threw a right leg kick which was checked by Hall that resulted in a shocking accident. Weidman’s leg just folded in half and then while stepping on it he fell on the ground in pain. The fight was stopped immediately in 17 seconds.

It was a similar action reply to what happened to Anderson silva in 2013 when he was fighting none other than Chris Weidman just this time it was Chris who was on the receiving end of this horrific injury. Weidman underwent surgery the next morning after the fight and after his wife, Marivi Weidman, provided a positive update, Weidman took to Instagram to thank everyone for the good wishes.

“Trying to find the blessing in disguise and silver lining,” Weidman said. “Honestly, as soon as it happened and I hit the floor, seeing what happened to my leg and the pain started hitting me, I was just trying to put my mind on something positive and coming out of this. I’m hopeful that’s the thing that’s gonna come out of it that’s good. This is not fun. I can’t believe what happened.”

“It’s pretty brutal, but I’m gonna get through this. I think it’s gonna be eight weeks until I could walk without crutches and stuff and drive and all that. And then as far as actual training, I don’t know,” Weidman said. “They said between six and 12 months I’ll be good to go.

He did not say when he would return to fight but it seems like there will be a long road ahead of the former champion.

“Surgery was successful. They put a titanium rod through the tibia. So they go through the knee, and they take the rod and they drill it through the tibia to make it straight and hard. My fibula was broken, as well, but I guess when they put the tibia back together and my leg was straight, the fibula kind of matched back up to where it was broken, and they feel that could heal on its own as long as I’m not putting weight on it and stuff.”

Wonderboy Thompson says Chris Weidman will be back

Weidman is the brother-in-law of wonderboy who is also his good friend. Wonderboy was in the corner of Chris when he broke the foot so it was very tough for him to watch that but he believes that Chris will get recovered and will fight one day.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Thompson said “When I first started training with Chris Weidman, this was before he was the champion, and I realized when he got the title why he was the champion. The grind that he puts himself through, the mental toughness, the spiritual toughness that this guy has, it’s unbreakable man, it really is. So knowing that about him, I know for a fact he will come back,” Thompson said.

“His style of fighting — if that ever happened to me, it would be different cause I rely a lot on my kicks. He can never throw a kick again and still dominate in the UFC, in his division. He’s not known for his kicking, he’s known for his striking, his wrestling. So that’s the thing that makes this not very worrisome. So yeah, it’s terrible that it happened and I pray that it heals up fast and I know it will, but he doesn’t have to ever throw a kick again and he can still win fights,” Thompson said.

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