Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Ari Emmanuel

WWE and UFC to merge to form $21 Billion entertainment company

MMA (UFC) and pro wrestling brands (WWE) will be combined into a new, publicly traded business called "TKO" that will be listed on the...

Dana White reveals Fertita brothers turned down $5 billion bid for UFC

Almost three years ago, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) which is the biggest Mixed Martial Arts company in the world was sold by Frank and Lorenzo...

UFC: Nate Diaz fires back at Bruce Buffers and tells him, ‘Get off the UFC nuts’

Last night Bruce Buffers said that Nate Diaz should stop complaining about being underpromoted and bow down to Dana White; well it didn't take...

UFC: Dana White says UFC brand value is now worth $7 Billion

According to UFC President Dana White, his company's recent five-year deal with ESPN brought the value of the UFC to $7 billion. The ESPN deal agreed to in...

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