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The 5 Biggest Upsets in Heavyweight Boxing History

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Each boxing fan and experienced bettor knows that Heavyweight is the most popular and attractive category in this kind of sports. Almost every sensation connected with these fights becomes a very significant event. Thousands and even millions dollars are bet on TOP Heavyweight fights. In the most cases these bets become successful. However, in the cases when favorites lose such bets are serious upset for most bettors. Here is the short review of nine biggest upsets of this direction. Information was provided by the best bookies with the most popular websites and betting apps in India and other countries.

Fights That Changed the Boxing History

The 5 Biggest Upsets in Heavyweight Boxing History - Boxing
Photo Credits: Bleacher Report

As well as in many other sports, there are many sensational fights in Heavyweight Boxing. However, some of them have played the most significant role in the history of these popular competitions. It’s easy to guess that this category includes fights for the Champion Title in WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO versions. On our mind, the biggest upsets when clear favorites lost consists of the following historical fights.

#5 Sonny Liston vs. Muhammad Ali

Back in 1964 a huge underdog Cassius Clay (at that time he wasn’t known as Muhammad Ali) fought against Sonny Liston. At that time Liston was the reigning world champion with 35 winnings of 36 fights. However, young and prospective Cassius showed his perseverance and perfect tactical approach. So, after the sixth round Liston stopped the fight, admitting his defeat.

#4 Muhammad Ali vs. Leon Spinks

In 1978 Muhammad Ali ended up in the exact opposite situation. This time he was a clear favorite before the fight with a successful but still quite inexperienced Leon Spinks. It was only the eighth fight for Spinks, and he sensationally won. In spite of the fact that Ali won the rematch, the first fight got a status of Fight of the Year.

#3 Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield

This fight was considered as the longest waited one. The time that Tyson spent in prison significantly influenced his physical form. However, most bookmakers and fans thought him a favorite. Holyfield won in the 11th round, because Mike couldn’t fight more.

#2 George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali

The next upset was George Foreman loss in a famous The Rumble in the Jungle fight in 1974. Most experts thought that Cassius Clay’s carrier had finished. George Foreman, reigning champion, was a favorite of that fight. However, after eight fantastically hard rounds Muhammed proved that he was retired early. Since that victory Ali had a nickname The Greatest.

#1 Michael Moorer vs. George Foreman

In November 1994, George Foreman was at the same situation as Ali in 1974. At the end of his carrier he met with WBA and IBF World Heavyweight Champion Michael Moorer. Younger and much more mobile Moorer was a clear favorite. Up to the 10th round he was a winner on the cards of all three judges. However, in his 45 Foreman found the resource and struck a deuce in the jaw so that Moorer fell on a ring. The referee recorded a knockout, and Foreman became the oldest boxer to win the World Heavyweight title.

Four more Heavyweight Boxing Upsets where fixed in the fights between Lennox Lewis & Hasim Rahman, 2001 (Lewis sensationally lost); Wladimir Klitschko & Corrie Sanders, 2003 (young Ukrainian WBO Champion was four times knock downed by 11 years older American); Max Baer & James Braddock, 1935 (clear favorite Baer with 10:1 rate lost); and, of course, famous Mike Tyson & James “Buster” Douglas, 1990 (the first loss of Iron Mike). All these fights stay in the professional boxing history forever. Most bettors remember them, too. It is these fights that allow you to win big money with even a small contribution.

The 5 Biggest Upsets in Heavyweight Boxing History - BoxingThe 5 Biggest Upsets in Heavyweight Boxing History - BoxingThe 5 Biggest Upsets in Heavyweight Boxing History - BoxingThe 5 Biggest Upsets in Heavyweight Boxing History - BoxingThe 5 Biggest Upsets in Heavyweight Boxing History - Boxing

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