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The Plight of Cain Velasquez

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Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is behind bars on the account of multiple charges, including attempted murder after he opened shots on Harry Goularte, the man who molested a young relative of Velazquez. The incident that happened in San Jose, California, earlier this year, saw Cain opening fire on the truck carrying Harry Goularte and two others. The person who was injured by the bullet was Goularte’s stepfather.

Cain Velasquez is arguably one of the best heavyweights to ever step in the octagon. The two-time ex-UFC champ once had an impressive nine-fight win streak. If not muddled by his many injuries, Velasquez was all set for a long title reign.”

Till now Cain has two bail pleas which were denied, all the while #freeCain, a social media campaign demanding his release, has been going viral among the MMA fans and community. Does Velasquez deserve to be released with no punishment, or does he need to serve time like any other who is in a similar position? Let’s look.

The Plight of Cain Velasquez - Cain Velasquez
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Approaching this issue from an emotional and even a moral standpoint, Cain is absolutely in the right here. Men like Harry Goularte, who have done the heinous act of molestation, much less molesting a minor, are a curse to society. In Velasquez’s case, the victim is a relative of his, and the act happened more than a hundred times. Any man or woman in his shoe, mortified by the vile situation, might have taken similar violent actions. Think, would a parent let his child’s molester walk free? To further compromise one’s faith in the judicial system, Goularte stills walks free even after facing felony charges for child molestation. In what world, a person trying to protect a child is a bane to society while a child molester is not? Many fellow fighters like Ben Askren, Sean Strickland and the undefeated featherweight legend Khabib Nurmagomedov have expressed their support to Velasquez in this troubled time. Nurmagomedov, a long-time teammate of Velasquez at AKA, had strong opinions when asked about the incident.

Come on, nobody is going to think about the law. When you have something about family, you have to protect your family. If animals protect their family, of course, humans are gonna protect their family. You talk about law, code, they hold him in jail, I don’t understand these things. It always has to be fair. This is not fair. They sit in jail and [Goularte] he’s outside. Worry about other guy. OK, put this guy in jail too. He is more dangerous for people than Cain Velasquez.,”

Now approaching the issue from a logical perspective, violence in all forms is illegal in modern society. Cain committed a felony. He also endangered the lives of two other people who had no connection with the molestation. To add to things, he shot a firearm in public, which effectively endangered anyone in the vicinity. What if Velasquez had hit a child, someone’s father, a wife, or perhaps a loving uncle? What then? Who would’ve covered up the losses he would’ve inflicted on random people and their families? We, as a modern society, can’t tolerate violence. Whatever the circumstances may be, only the law can dish out justice, not men. And like anyone who has committed a crime, Velazquez also needs to serve time, as does Harry Goularte.

In the end, what is the answer? Does Velazquez, a man acting true to his morals, deserve to walk free, or does he face the consequences laid out by the law of the land? Most of us who support or criticize him might be well versed in how these laws work but put in his shoes, would we have acted the same? Let us know what you think.:

The Plight of Cain Velasquez - Cain VelasquezThe Plight of Cain Velasquez - Cain VelasquezThe Plight of Cain Velasquez - Cain VelasquezThe Plight of Cain Velasquez - Cain VelasquezThe Plight of Cain Velasquez - Cain Velasquez

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