Top possible feuds for Ronda Rousey in WWE

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Ronda Rousey has finally made it to the WWE making her first official appearance at the WWE Royal
Rumble last Sunday. The former UFC Champion sent the fans in the arena jumping off their feet in joy as
she made her way to the ring. Rousey has made it clear that she would be facing one of the three top
stars at WrestleMania as she confronted the Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, SmackDown Women’s
Champion Charlotte Flair and inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble winner Asuku. We are sure the WWE
creative team has lot in store for the UFC legend, and she is the key to take women’s division to the next
level. Here are few top feuds WWE may book for her:

1) Charlotte Flair: There is no denial that Flair can be the first women she may face for her in-ring
debut. This was the rumor that was running wild on the internet as the fans were expressing
their desire to see the top diva in the WWE feud with Rousey. Flair is the daughter of legendary
Hall of Fame Ric Flair and has his wrestling skills running through her veins. She puts on a show
where she never fails to entertain the crowd irrespective of her role as a ‘heel’ (bad guy) or a
‘face’ (good guy). It would be interesting to see how she would apply the Figure-Eight Leg Lock
on Rousey. Their clash would be one of the most memorable events in the WWE history.


2) Sasha Banks: Banks is one of the top wrestlers in the WWE who is just 26 years old and has
already reached the pinnacle of the sport. At such a young age she has already been crowned as
the WWE Women’s Champion four times as the WWE has recognized her extraordinary talent.
Banks is the perfect choice as her trash talking abilities can match to that of Rousey’s. Moreover,
she also uses a similar move to an Arm-bar which is similar to that of Rousey’s signature move. If
the WWE would book the former UFC Champion against Banks, it would be a guaranteed
blockbuster main-event.


3) Asuka: The Japanese superstar is pushed to the top of the division by the WWE as she won the
inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble giving her a guaranteed WrestleMania title match. Despite
lack of English speaking skills, she still entertains the crowd with her brash persona and her ring
skills. Asuka is undefeated in the WWE and so building a fight with Rousey would make perfect
sense. It would make perfect angle if the former UFC icon would be the one to end the Japanese
star’s undefeated reign of terror in the women’s division. Her championship reign as the NXT
Women’s Champion which lasted for 510 days is considered as one of the greatest WWE reign
of all time.


4) Alexa Bliss: She is one of the best heals of our generation who would do anything to remain as
the champion. Lie, cheat and steel is all a part of her lifestyle. Ronda Rousey is been introduced
to the WWE Universe as a face (a term used to refer a good guy) and Bliss would be the perfect
heel (a term used to refer a bad guy) for Rousey to have a rivalry with. Being the Raw Women’s
Champion it’s time to push her further and a possible WrestleMania spot against Rousey would
do justice to the work she has put in being where she is today.


5) Nia Jax: The plus-size model is one of the biggest superstars to perform in the WWE ring.
Despite being a heel, she is often loved by fans. She is known for her incredible strength and
also has attacked male superstars in the roster. She is known for tossing her opponents across
the ring and is one of the most feared athletes in the WWE today. It would be real interesting to
see Jax having to go one of one with Rowdy. Moreover, making Jax as Ronda’s opponent would
be a really good move creative wise for the UFC star as that could cement her image as the most
dominant female performer in the WWE, if she dominates Jax.


6) Becky Lynch: The Fighting Irish was the inaugural SmackDown Women’s Champion. Lynch is an
important part of the Women’s revolution that began few years back where they started having
equal opportunities as that of the men. Lynch is known for her tough-girl persona and has been
a fan-favorite since day one. Her persona would almost match to that of Ronda Rousey’s. If the
UFC star is crowned as the Champion at WrestleMania it would be wise for the WWE Creative
team to book Lynch against the former UFC pound for pound champion. Fans would love to see
the two warriors clash which would definitely generate a lot of money for the company. Their
clash would definitely go down in the history books as one of the best rivalries of all time.


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