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Tullamore Dew vs. Proper 12 vs. Jameson: Which Irish whiskey tastes the best?

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The former UFC champ champ and the biggest draw currently in all of combat sports, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor recently launched his own brand of whiskey. McGregor took a lot of pride and boldly stated that the whiskey is of a traditional Irish style and will truly live up to the bottle’s tagline, “Proper 12, proper Irish whiskey, from a proper Irish man”. Fans and many alcohol and whiskey critics loved the Proper 12, whereas some absolutely despised it in comparison to other traditional and popular whiskey brands such as Jameson. McGregor himself had claimed that his whiskey will blow the Jamesons out of business and that his is a much better whiskey. In a recent taste test, some of the Irish guys at Flocombat decided to do a completely unbiased taste test of Proper 12 alongside Jameson and Tullamore Dew.

A Flocombat reporter and three of his friends did a blind taste test where they had no clue which whiskey they were being served to truly give out their honest opinions about all three whiskeys and to check whether McGregor’s claims about his whiskey had any substance and credibility to them or not.


Tullamore Dew vs. Proper 12 vs. Jameson: Which Irish whiskey tastes the best? - Proper 12
Proper 12, a proper Irish whiskey, from a proper Irish man!!

As the blind taste test began, the guys complained that the first whiskey was a bit too hot and even spicy. The second whiskey according to the guys absolutely blew the first one out of the water, it tasted great and was a right mix and blend of everything. The third whiskey, the guys felt was too mundane and had nothing special about it.

Later it was revealed to them that the first whiskey was Tullamore Dew, the second was McGregor’s, Proper 12, whereas the final one was Jameson. Thus, in the blind taste test McGregor’s whiskey did pass with flying colours and proved to be just as good as the marketing and branding behind it.

You can watch their blind taste test below:








McGregor’s whiskey sells out so fast that the store has to limit bottles per customer!

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