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‘Super Fight League: UP Nawabs vs Haryana Sultans’

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The virtual quarterfinals for U.P Nawabs saw them go up against Haryana Sultans. While Haryana is likely out of the league already, they were fighting for their pride, while U.P had the opportunity to advance to the semi finals with a win over the Sultans.

Pramod Kataria versus Roshan Mainam

Round 1:

Pramod tried to get in a kick early, but Roshan telegraphed the kick and took Pramod to the ground. Roshan went for the Americana early, but Pramod managed to escape the predicament. Roshan however made a slick transition to get Pramod’s back, and locked in the RNC with the body lock, as Pramod tapped out!

Winner in 3:07 seconds in round 1 via RNC: Roshan Mainam

Amit Raj versus Aakash Rana

Round 1:

Amit immediately went for a takedown, and worked on Aakash, connecting with some heavy hands. Amit dropped some hammer fists on Aakash, but Aakash managed to fight him off. Amit then connected with a big right, and took Rana to the ground once again. Amit went for a heel hook, but Aakash got out of the predicament and smothered Amit, by working on him from the top. Aakash ended the round strong, tagging Amit with elbows on the ground.

Round 2:

Aakash tried to take the fight to the ground, while Amit shifted his hips, ending on top. Aakash tried to synch in a guillotine, but Amit managed to get out of the predicament. Aakash trapped Amit in a triangle choke, and quickly transitioned to the mount, trapping Amit’s arms. Rana then rained down with punches as the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Winner in 2:33 seconds of round 2 via TKO: Aakash Rana

Anjela Pink versus Sushila Dahiya

Round 1:

Sushila immediately took Pink down with a judo hip throw, and trapped Anjela’s head, while twisting her elbow in an awkward angle. It looked as if Pink tapped out, and the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Winner in 43 seconds of round 1 via arm bar: Sushila Dahiya

Pink protested after the fight that she did not tap.

David Moon versus Mohammad Aslam

Round 1:

Aslam connected with an outside leg kick and immediately shot in for a take down, as Moon tried to work from the bottom. Moon went for a triangle choke, but quickly shifted his hips, getting hold of Aslam’s hand and locked in the arm bar, as Aslam tapped out!

Winner in 1:27 seconds in round 1 via arm bar: David Moon

Till Kinne versus Marcao Santana

Round 1:

Santana worked behind his jabs, and threw in a leg kick before getting into a clinch. Both fighters felt each other before Santana threw an overhand right that barely graced Till. Santana then threw some knees in the clinch, as both fighters fought to get the upper hand. Both the fighters then stood and traded, as Santana stung Kinne with a good jab. Santana got in with some good leg kicks and an oblique kick. Santana wobbled Till yet again to end the first round.

Round 2:

Santana rocked Till early in round 2, dropping him, and connected with some good combinations. Both fighters then traded on the feet, but Santana dropped Till with a big left! Santana worked from the guard, and connected with a few hammer fists and an elbow. Both men then got back on their feet, as Till connected with an elbow. Santana and Till worked with jabs as Santana used his movement to circle Till. Santana once again ended the round strong to take an unassailable lead on the scorecards.

Round 3:

Santana worked on Till early in the round with leg kicks, as both men once again struggled for dominance in the clinch. Santana once again rained with a barrage of over hands and counter strikes to get the upper hand, and both men once again jockeyed for dominance in the clinch. Santana over powered Till against the cage, and took him down. Santana worked on Till on the ground, and got in yet another take down as round three came to an end.

Winner by Unanimous Decision: Marcao Santana

Deepak Harpal Singh versus Ravindra Balhara

Round 1:

Deepak looked for a take down right off the bat, but Ravindra managed to stuff the early attempt. Deepak however finally took Ravindra down, and immediately got on top, securing the mount. Balhara found himself in a bad position, with Deepak getting Ravindra’s back. Ravindra however succeeded in freeing himself, and found himself on top. Ravindra managed to tag Deepak with good punches, as Deepak tried to go for an arm bar. Ravindra mistakenly came down with an illegal knee, and was penalised for the foul.

Both the fighters traded on the feet as the fight resumed, and Ravindra tagged Deepak with a right hook, and continued to rain down with punches as the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Winner in round 1 via TKO: Ravindra Balhara

Fight of the Night: Till Kinne versus Marcao Santana

Performance of the Night: Aakash Rana

'Super Fight League: UP Nawabs vs Haryana Sultans' -'Super Fight League: UP Nawabs vs Haryana Sultans' -'Super Fight League: UP Nawabs vs Haryana Sultans' -'Super Fight League: UP Nawabs vs Haryana Sultans' -'Super Fight League: UP Nawabs vs Haryana Sultans' -

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