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UFC 208 Press Call

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UFC 208: Anderson Silva talks about wanting to fight McGregor, Holm comments on Ronda

UFC returns to New York this weekend with yet another stellar card, headlined by Holly Holm and De Randamie to crown the inaugural UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion. If that wasn’t enough to entice the MMA faithful, in the co – main event, Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva takes on the dangerous Derek Brunson, in what could be the first step in the resurrection of Silva’s UFC career.

The main and co – main eventers took part in the recent UFC 208 media conference call, and talked about various topics. Below are some of the highlights from the call.

Anderson Silva

On making a run for the title:

I think this fight is a great challenge for my time, you know? Everything in my life is a challenge, to challenge myself.

Of course. I stay in this division, and I’ve been working hard for a long time in my life. Fight(ing) is a part of my life, and UFC has changed everything in my life. I need to give back to UFC for everything because UFC gave me the opportunity to fight and change everything in the world – for inspiring a new generation and my opponents.

Yeah, of course, this is my goal (to recapture the title).


On facing Conor McGregor:

First of all, I respect Conor McGregor a lot, because this man changed everything in the UFC. I respect Conor McGregor’s style, and I think it’s a great challenge for my martial arts’ technique. I don’t talk to disrespect Conor; I just think it’s a challenge for myself, and for the best stand up fighting. I respect Conor, and this is a great fight (for me) and for the UFC.

I’m so happy, because in my heart, I have a lot more energy – in my mind and in my heart. I talked to my family, and they gave me support to finish my contract with the UFC. I don’t know; I think I have energy to fight five more years – or seven more years, I don’t know. I have the energy – and this is more important – I have the energy and I have the passion. And I love my job.

Germaine De Randamie

On Cris Cyborg being the p4p best and not fighting for the title:

I respect everybody’s opinion. Cris got the offer to fight Holly. Cris got the offer to fight me. She wasn’t able to; and I don’t know the exact reason why she wasn’t able to. Then Holly and I got the offer to fight each other, and we both said yes. I mean, if you’re a champion, you fight against everybody. Holly and I are going to fight, and we will decide who is going to be the next number one.

If one of us has to defend the title against Cris Cyborg, it will be Cris Cyborg who we defend the title against. I mean, we’re going to fight no matter what people think. One of us is going to be the 145 pound champion. If you look at Holly’s credentials, and if you look at my credentials, I think we both have accomplished a lot for the sport. So I think we both – we belong at the top.

Holly Holm

Conversation about fighting Cyborg:

Cyborg – I did. I had gone out and had a meeting with Dana White – and this is when the 145 pound division was a talk, and he said, ‘Hey, we don’t have anything else other than what we’re offering right now – the fight with Cris Cyborg at catchweight (140), and what do you think?’ And I said, ‘I’m open to that, let’s see what she says. Obviously we will negotiate whatever.’

She said she wasn’t ready, and said she didn’t want to go (down) to that weight. So after that, they had pitched to fight Cat Zingano just this last weekend in Denver. I actually thought that would go through, but it didn’t. Then I got the call for this fight with Germaine, and here we are.

Here’s the thing – each division has to start somewhere. When they started the 135 pound division, it was a title fight with Ronda, and it has built from there. I know right now, this is just the start of the division. But I know so many girls that want the opportunity – I can guarantee you they could build this division in no time. They have to start making phone calls.

There are a lot of girls out there – everybody’s goal is to be in the UFC. That’s the big thing; so, I don’t know. Yeah, I think this is just the start of it, but I know they will find other girls – I know that they are talking to other girls. Maybe nothing is set up yet, and these are fighters from other promotions, so I leave it up to them to do that.

About Ronda:

I’m a firm believer that once you’re a fighter, you’re always a fighter. She might not ever want to fight again. She might not fight for two years, and then she might say, ‘You know what? I’m really egging for it. I’m going to go back in there and I want to fight. ‘

I think right now, and this is just an honest opinion – she might say, ‘You know what? I’m going to focus on some other things right now.’ Going from a big high to a big low; I have a lot of respect for her. I’ve never said anything different. Hope she’s happy, and hope she does what she wants – whether it be fighting, or whether that be other things – focus on other things. But all I got to say is any fighter, young enough, they might come back for another fight. You never know.

UFC 208 Press Call -UFC 208 Press Call -UFC 208 Press Call -UFC 208 Press Call -UFC 208 Press Call -

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