UFC 215: Nunes vs. Shevchenko II: Post Fight Results

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Round 1 begins with both the heavyweights measuring each other. Luis initiates the first move by landing an uppercut but Arjan was ready with his right hook. They keep measuring and circling up until Arjan looks for a clinch as he takes another uppercut from the Brazilian. Arjan is now getting comfortable as he lands a left and shoves Luis to the ground. They both clinch and the fight moves to the fence in the final seconds of the round, as Luis escapes and moves away. Round 1 goes to Arjan.


In the second round, Arjan lands a heavy right hand that makes Luis hit the canvas. Luis manages to get back up as Arjan takes him against the cage, gets a grip and slams on the mat. Arjan is in a top position as he lands elbows and shoulder shots leaving Luis bloodied up and looking tired as he keeps defending from the ground and pound. Arjan continues his assault until the bell rings. Round 2 goes to Arjan.


In the final round, Luis comes out with a sense of urgency as he knows he’s behind the scorecard. Arjan seems to be slowing down a bit as he eats kicks to his leg and body. Luis lands more punches and kicks as Arjan looks for his takedown but gets denied. They both fight in the clinch as the final round comes to closing. A big overhand right from Luis misses the mark but clinches again and lands few short punches. As the round comes to an end, Luis falls short to make his mark in the scorecard. Round 3 goes to Arjan.


Result: Arjan Bhullar defeated Luis Henrique via Unanimous Decision



Mitch begins the first round with a high kick as Alex White responds with a counter right hook of his own. More leg kicks from Mitch, but Alex intelligently blocks few of them. They both clinch and Alex lands some uppercuts to the body as Mitch connects knees to the ribs. Alex escapes the clinch as Mitch throws a right head kick but again a counter hook from Alex connects. Alex has a lot of hooks in his game plan as he lands few more when Mitch tries to come closer for another clinch. Mitch manages to get hold of Alex but the round comes to an end. Round 1 goes to Alex White.


It’s Clarke who continues to come forward in the second round, but Alex uses his angles and lands neat shots. Mitch wants to clinch and take Alex down but gets elbows on the face in return. Alex lands a perfectly timed knee; which Mitch succumbs to the ground. Back on the feet and Mitch has his face battered. Hard punches to the face from Alex, make Mitch wobble a bit and eat more punches and hit the ground. Alex wants Mitch to stand up and dish out more strikes as he senses he can finish it anytime. Mitch goes for a double leg takedown but hes exhausted and Alex lands heavy elbows on the ear. Alex sends Mitch again to the ground and this time makes sure to finish it as referee steps in to stop the fight at 4:26 secs.


Result: Alex White defeated Mitch Clarke via TKO



It just took less than 3 mins for Sarah Moras to get her hand raised as she submitted Ashley in the first round. Ashley begins the round with a takedown and tries to set up a guard. Moras seeing an opportunity quickly shifts for a submission but needs a better position to execute it. Up against the fence and still her hand trapped, Ashley looks to release the arm but makes it more difficult to herself and giving more space to Sarah as she makes Ashley taps.


Result: Sarah Moras submits Ashlee Evans-Smith via armbar)



As the first round begins, McMann throws a right fake and goes in for a takedown by pressing Ketlen against the cage. Sara is persistent and gets the take down, as Ketlen is looking to grab her arm only to pull out and land a heavy elbow from the top. Sara drops in more elbows causing a swelling on Ketlen’s forehead. The Brazilian continues to try for a submission from the bottom as she goes for a knee bar attempt in the closing of the round. Round 1 goes to Sara.


In the second round, Sara continues with the same game plan of setting up the takedowns using her punches. But this time Ketlen is well prepared and defends the takedown and in process lands her own elbows and punches as Sara holds on to the legs. They both are now in clinch position and Sara lands a hard knee to the body, but Ketlen trips Sara and is now on the top position. Quickly transitioning into an arm-triangle choke position Ketlen uses all her strength to squeeze from half guard position. Sara has no option but to tap out at 4:16 secs.


Result: Ketlen submits Sara via arm-triangle choke



In the opening first round, Stephens puts the pressure by using his leg kicks and punches. But it’s his kicks that get the better of El Nino as he gets a big swelling just below the left knee. Melendez only able to land a straight right hand but goes down as his legs are in a bad position. More body kicks, jabs from Stephens make Melendez hit the floor one more time. This time Stephens jumps into the guard looking to finish the fight in the last remining seconds. Round 1 goes to Stephens.


In the second round, Melendez knows he’s hurt but still pushes forward keeping his guard up and bravely checking the kids from the Lil Heathen. A right and leg kick combination gets Melendez stunned, and another set of low kicks make him land on the mat. Stephens backs up to let Melendez stand up who is now in southpaw stance looking to hide his left leg. The same sequence is repeated and Stephens ends the round on the top unable to finish. Round 2 goes to Stephens.


It’s the final round, and a do-or-die situation for Melendez who knows he’s losing the fight but doesn’t want to end it in a stoppage. He’s pressing forward as Stephens tries to figure out how to finish the Mexican. Melendez lands neat jabs as Stephens begins chopping down the lead leg. Melendez is down but rolls out and is back on the feet to the cheers of the crowd. Stephens acknowledges the warrior spirit of El Nino as both men continue to exchange in the final minute of the round. His leg is in a bad condition as another leg kick has him down for the good. Stephens follows him to the mat in the final seconds of the fight. Round 3 goes to Stephens.


Result: Jeremy Stephens defeats Gilbert Melendez via Unanimous Decision.




Round 1 begins with Tyson throwing a low kick as Latifi tries to grab it for a takedown. Pedro being the taller guy uses his long leg reach to land low kicks, but in process spins around to take Latifi’s back. Latifi gets his double leg take down and ends up in a north-south position. Latifi tries for a choke attempt but Tyson escapes and is back on his feet. Pedro is now back using his front kicks, body kicks, but gets taken down by Latif who gets hold of the leg. Pedro tries again to escape but Latifi this time presses him to the fence. Pedro lands some elbows to the side of the head and tries for a guillotine as the round comes to an end. Round 1 goes to Latifi.


Round 2 begins and Pedro quickly lands some hard kicks to the body. Latifi responds with his lown leg kick, right hand, uppercut and another double leg attempt. He easily lifts Pedro up and drops him on his head. As the round nears the end, Latifi is using more of his wrestling and mixing it up with punches. Round 2 goes to Latifi.


Final round begins as Pedro lands a quick jab and leg kick. His strikes are finding their target as Latifi gets bruised on his left eye. More strikes from the Australian in the third round. Latifi does not engage much but only with his counter strikes as he very much knows he’s ahead in the scorecard. In the decisive moments, Latifi gets another double leg take down and keeps his top position secured until the bell rings. Round 3 goes to Latifi.


Result: Ilir Latifi defeats Tyson Pedro via Unanimous Decision



Henry Cejudo comes out in the first round with a Karate styled stance against the southpaw striker Wilson Reis. Its unnatural of Cejudo who has a strong wrestling background but has shown an evolution from his previous fights. With his new fighting style, Cejudo lands an inside leg kick followed by a quick right hand combination. Reis tries to figure out this new evolved fighter and gets hit by another hard left go the body and a head kick. Cejudo drops him with another leg kick and gets a single leg takedown to finish the round. Round 1 goes to Cejudo.


Reis begins the second round looking to put pressure on, but Cejudo lands a lightning fasr straight right to his jaw. Reis goes to the ground unable to recover, as Cejudo jumps in and lands a series of punches that put him in a defensive position making the referee step in to stop the fight at :25 seconds of the second round.


Result: Henry Cejudo defeats Wilson Reis via TKO



Dos Anjos begins the round with a hard-low kick that instantly drops Magny to the ground. Dos Anjos is now on the top dropping elbows to the side of the head. Magny does his best to defend by wrapping his arms around, but Dos Anjos passes to the side control as he sets the arm triangle choke deep. Magny gives up and taps out at 3:43 secs.


Result: Rafael dos Anjos defeats Neil Magny via Submission



It’s the round 1 and both the bantamweights start off carefully measuring each other’s first move. Nunes lands leg kicks and some punches as she circles outwards. Nunes keeps the pressure forward and Valentina is more cautious as she moves backwards waiting to land a counter attack. A punch lands or grazes past Valentina’s finger which seems to bother her. A leg kick from Nunes gets caught by Valentina, who looks for a trip but Nunes gives none of it as she lands a right punch before they separate. Not much action in the first but round 1 goes to Nunes.


Second round begins and Nunes is being warned for keeping her lead hand fingers stretched out. Valentina begins to open with her own combinations and looks to trip her again. Nunes gets hit with a right hand as she escapes from the clinch position. Valentina plays her counter game well and lands a hard-right punch as Nunes tries to charge ahead. Round 2 goes to Valentina.


Third round begins with a slow pace. Valentina lands a quick combo followed up with a leg kick. Nunes comes back with her own kick but just grazes past. Another counter right hook from Valentina as Nunes tries to close the distance. More leg kicks from Valentina and the lead leg of Nunes shows signs of redness as she fails to check them. Another warning to Nunes from the referee for keeping fingers open. Round 2 goes in favour of Valentina.


It’s the championship rounds as both fighters look to land more strikes. Valentina finds her range and lands a left hook. Her head movement is on point. Another low kick and a straight left from Valentina. Nunes is getting emotional as she gets tagged and unable to land her strikes. Valentina lands her trademark superman punch to finish the fourth round strong. Round 4 goes in favour of Valentina.


Final round of the event begins as Nunes lands a right hand, in return Valentina lands a quick combination. Nunes goes in for a takedown and pushes Valentina against the cage. They hold the ground trying to gain dominant position. As they break Valentina goes in for another superman punch but Nunes ducks to hold her as Valentina attempts a Judo throw but ends up giving her back. Nunes is now on the top but unable to do any damage. Valentine keeps fighting off her back and lands some punches, elbows to the champion. Round 5 goes in favour of Valentina.


Result: Amanda Nunes defeats Valentina Shevchenko via Split Decision


Performance of the Night bonus award winners include Rafael dos Anjos for his quick submission win, Henry Cejudo for a spectacular TKO, Jeremy Stephens and Gilbert Melendez for their scrappy fight.


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