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UFC 219 Results: Live coverage, play by play updates

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We’ve finally made it to the final pay per view of the year, as Cris Cyborg and Holly Holm collide for the UFC Women’s Featherweight title. In the co – main event, Khabib Nurmagomedov steps back inside the Octagon, as he takes on Edson Barboza. We will provide minute – by – minute updates, as we close 2017 on a high.

Can Holly Holm shock the world once again, like she did in Melbourne two years ago? Will Khabib book his place for the elusive title fight he has been lobbying for? And how will Carlos Condit’s return to the cage turn out? Check back for all the results from the card.

Main card:

Cris Cyborg vs. Holly Holm

UFC 219 Results: Live coverage, play by play updates -

Round 1: Cris immediately went after Holly, as Holly started stepping outside and working with her hook. Cris and Holly then engaged in a clinch, but Holm created separation. Cris connected with a heavy right, and Holly started throwing counters, while Cris connected with leg kicks. Holly once again initiated the clinch, and pushed Cyborg against the cage. Cyborg landed a couple of heavy shots, as Holm concentrated on piling the pressure through clinch work. The round ended with Cris going for the Superwoman Punch.

Round 2: Cris connected with a 1- 2 as Holly came in, and both women picked up from where they left off in round one. Cyborg walked Holly down, and started working on her leg with outside leg kicks. Cris connected with a body kick, as Holly waited for an opening. Holly connected with a punch coming in, and circled Cris on her weaker side. Holly was happy clinching Cyborg, and pushing her against the cage, as Cris tried to create some separate and land knees. Cris went for a head kick, and Holly fired with a counter. The round ended with Holly pushing Cris against the cage in a clinch.

Round 3: Cyborg got the under hooks on Holly this time, pushing her against the fence. Both women then created separation, as Holly tried to go for her patented high kick. Cyborg connected with a hard shot, as Holly tried slipping out of the firing line. Cris connected with a right knee, as Holly circled to Cris’s right. Holly went for her combinations, but Cyborg pushed Holly with a kick. Cris caught Holly’s kick, and tagged with some punches to end round 3.

Round 4: Cyborg picked up from where she left off, as Holly stood more front on. Both women made their adjustments, as Holly worked with kicks from outside the striking range. Holly and Cris once again got into a clinch, as Holly had the under hooks. Round four ended the same way, with Holly initiating the clinch, while Cris connected with some good shots.

Round 5: Holly pushed the pace to begin the final round, and both women struggled to get the dominant position in the clinch. Cyborg exploded out of the clinch with a high kick, as both women started throwing wild kicks. The champion connected with yet another good right, which staggered Holly for a moment. Cyborg with yet another excellent 1 – 2, as Holly tried to reset. Cris relied on counter striking, tagging Holly at the entry and exit of the exchange. Holly landed a couple of good shots herself, as both women pushed the pace in the final 30 seconds. Holly initiated yet another clinch, and Cyborg connected with a knee to the body, and a punch to end the fight!

Winner by unanimous decision, and still the UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion: Cris Cyborg

Edson Barboza vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

UFC 219 Results: Live coverage, play by play updates -

Round 1: Barboza immediately went for the inside leg kicks, while Khabib moved forward and pressured Edson. Khabib went for a takedown, as Barboza stuffed The Eagle. Barboza managed to wiggle himself free, as Barboza connected with some hard body kicks. Khabib went for the flying knee, and took Edson to the ground. Khabib connected with punches and elbows while being trapped at the bottom. Khabib connected with some excellent punches, and managed to get the mount, as Barboza absorbed the pressure. Khabib with the relentless, overwhelming pressure kept connecting with shots, as we entered the final 10 seconds. Khabib connected with a huge shot, but the round ended with Edson perplexed at what just happened.

Round 2: Khabib once again went right after Barboza in the second round, and the Dagestani fighter went for a takedown. Barboza tried to fire back with body kicks and upper cuts, but Khabib kept walking him down. Edson had nothing more to spend, as Khabib piled on more pressure, and secured a takedown. Khabib kept punching Barboza, and the Brazilian had no answers to the pressure exerted by Nurmagomedov. The round ended with Khabib firmly on top, with Edson being used as a punching bag.

Round 3: Khabib once again went for the high crotch takedown, as Edson couldn’t stop the #2 ranked lightweight. Barboza managed to get the fight back on the feet, and connected with a spin kick, which seemingly had no effect on Khabib. Nurmagomedov once again took the fight to the ground, mauling Barboza. The Brazilian managed to get back on his feet, as the round ended with both men standing and trading.

Winner by unanimous decision (30 – 24, 30 – 25 x 2): Khabib Nurmagomedov

Marc Diakiese vs. Dan Hooker

UFC 219 Results: Live coverage, play by play updates -

Round 1: Both men started rather tentatively, as Marc measured his range, while Hooker tried to connect with leg kicks. Diakiese went for a spin kick, but Hooker pulled out, evading Marc’s strikes. Both men were cautious, not to leave themselves open, as Diakiese went for side kicks. Diakiese tried to force the issue, as he landed a switch kick, but Hooker defended a takedown, and took Diakiese down to end the round on top.

Round 2: Hooker went for a takedown attempt, as both fighters stalled against the cage. Diakiese connected with an over hand right, but Hooker secured his back with a body triangle. The fight didn’t really take off, as Marc reversed the position, and ended on top.

Round 3: Marc pushed the pace, and connected with some good hooks. However, Hooker synched – in a guillotine choke, and Diakiese tapped out.

Winner by submission (Guillotine Choke) in round 3: Dan Hooker

Cynthia Calvillo vs. Carla Esparza

UFC 219 Results: Live coverage, play by play updates -

Round 1: Cynthia did not waste time in taking the fight to the ground, as she succeeded in getting on top of Carla. Esparza almost locked Cynthia in an arm bar, but TAM standout managed to get out of the predicament. Cynthia then transitioned to side control, as Carla struggled to get out. Calvillo then secured the mount and rained down with punches, but Carla spun her around, and ended on top to end the round.

Round 2: Cookie Monster got inside the pocket, and landed a shot while eating one in return. The former SW Champion showed good movement, but Cynthia tagged Carla with a good straight. Both women were happy to stand and trade, but Carla was coming off worse. Esparza tried to shoot in, but Cynthia stuffed her takedown attempts. Carla once again ate some hard shots, but Carla finally managed to take Cynthia down. Cynthia immediately got back on her feet, as the round ended with Carla attempting another takedown.

Round 3: Cynthia pressured Carla against the cage in the opening seconds of round three, and connected with a good close hook during the separation. Cynthia connected with some good rights and lefts, and was more willing to throw combinations in the final round. Carla went back to leg kicks to set up her takedown attempts, but Cynthia managed to scout Carla’s plans. Both women let their hands fly in the final 10 seconds, and the fight ended with a violent exchange!

Winner by unanimous decision: Carla Esparza 

Carlos Condit vs. Neil Magny

UFC 219 Results: Live coverage, play by play updates -

Round 1: Condit used his movement right off the bat, connecting with a leg kick and moving away. Magny however scouted Condit’s high kick and pushed him down to the mat. The Natural Born Killer ate a punch while making his way up to his feet, while Neil grappled with Carlos against the cage. After separation, it was Magny that pushed the pace, while Carlos connected with a crisp combination. It was Condit that finished the round strong, connecting with a spinning body kick as the whistle went off.

Round 2: Condit once again started by throwing a 1 – 2 – high kick combination, but Neil once again maintained his distance. Magny then tangled with Condit against the cage and took him down, as Condit looked for a heel hook. Neil however managed to get into Carlos’s guard, while Condit looked for a kimura off his back. Back on their feet, Condit went for an elbow and a forearm, but Magny just managed to evade. Condit then went for the body punch, as Magny once again began to grapple with Condit. Yet another takedown by Magny, with Carlos going back to the arm. Magny finished the round on top, and the fight went into the third even – stevens.

Round 3: Magny’s game plan was fairly obvious, as he tried to stay away from striking range, and deal with Condit in close ranges and in clinches. Neil started throwing some good combinations, mixing up his strikes. Condit once again went back to leg kicks, and then started throwing bombs at Magny. Neil immediately halted Condit’s momentum, as both fighters engaged on the feet. Condit went for a Superman punch, but Magny once again put Condit on his back, but Condit managed to get up as the fight came to a close.

Winner by unanimous decision: Neil Magny

Prelims card (Fox Sports 1)

Michał Oleksiejczuk defeated Khalik Rountree by unanimous decision (30 – 27 x 3)

Myles Jury defeated Rick Glenn by unanimous decision (30 – 27 x 3)

Marvin Vettori vs. Omari Akhmedov ended in a majority draw (28 – 28 x2, 29 – 28)

Matheus Nicolau defeated Louis Smolka by unanimous decision (30 – 26 x 2, 30 – 25)

Prelims card (Fight Pass)

Tim Elliott defeated Mark De La Rosa by submission (Anaconda Choke) in 1:41 of round 2


UFC 219 Results: Live coverage, play by play updates -UFC 219 Results: Live coverage, play by play updates -UFC 219 Results: Live coverage, play by play updates -UFC 219 Results: Live coverage, play by play updates -UFC 219 Results: Live coverage, play by play updates -

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