UFC 221 Results – Jake Matthews Defeated Jingliang Li via Unanimous Decision

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Jake Matthews defeated Jingliang Li via unanimous decision. Both Jiang and Jake exchange heavy blows in the opening round but Jake is getting better exchanges as he drops Li on the ground . Jakes gets the full mount position and looks for the finish. Li tries to escape and Jake his takes his back in the process. With the round ending, Jake takes the lead on the scorecard. In the second, Li lands an uppercut but is unfazed and catches Li in a guillotine position but Li pokes his fingers and the referee warns him to let loose. Once they are back on the feet, they both go in for the kill swinging for the fences. The final round follows the same story as both these welterweights are going for the head and trying to knock each other out. Jake is bleeding heavily but continues to smack talk and respond with his counter strikes.

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