UFC: Joe Rogan makes fun of Adalaide Byrd at UFC 222

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Boxing has long been plagued by poor judging. Biased or just simply poor judging have often led the boxers shocked and speechless and the fans and pundits crying, “ROBBERY!”. Some of the famous more recent examples of poor judging in boxing can be seen in bouts such as Pacquiao-Horn, Ward-Kovalev 1, etc. This trend has lately transpired over to MMA as well and there have been plenty of shocking results, where the decision of the judges has left everyone in shock. The fight between Anderson Silva and Derek Brunson at UFC 208 is probably the best example of bad judging. One judge who has been at the centre of a lot of controversial judgements is Adalaide Byrd. She was one of the judges for one of the biggest boxing fights of the decade between Canelo and GGG. Needless to say even that bout’s result was highly controversial. Thus, Joe Rogan and other UFC commentators for UFC 222 made fun of Byrd’s poor judging.


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Byrd and controversy never seem to be too far apart. There has even been a long running joke in the combat sports community, that if there’s any controversial scoring by the judges then Byrd’s probably on the judges’ panel. The veteran judge had decided to get away from the spotlight after the Canelo-GGG controversy, by judging a few much smaller bouts. She then ventured into judging for MMA fights and was one of the judges for UFC 222. She again caused a lot of controversy with her poor judging on the the fight card by scoring the fight in favourof Cody Stammann, whereas Bryan Caraway looked to be the clear winner.

Thus, the commentating team for the event, Joe Rogan in particular made fun of her poor judging. Here’s what they discussed:

Anik: I can tell you boys, that one of the three judges for this fight is one Adalaide Byrd. First time judging since that controversial August 2016 decision in GGG vs. ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, so don’t shoot the messenger.

Rogan: We just both had a heart attack. Oh God, she was driving a Ferrari for that fight.

Daniel Cormier(laughs) Oh my goodness.

Rogan: She’s a nice lady though.

Cormier: She’s a great lady. The other day I saw her at The Ultimate Fighter… (laughs) She’s a very nice lady, let’s just leave it at that.

Rogan: She’s a very nice person. So is my mom, but I wouldn’t want her judging any fights.

Cormier: (Laughs) Oh my goodness, somebody get Joe Rogan! (Laughs) Somebody get Joe Rogan!

Rogan: My mom would be like, “Oh Canelo is handsome! I’ll give him the round.”

(Everyone chuckles)”

A while later they again made fun of Byrd’s pressence. Below is another transcript of the incident:

Cormier: Leaving an impression in the judges’ minds is especially important. Especially… with…

(They all laugh)

Rogan: Don’t say it! Don’t say it! (laughs) We’ve given that lady enough problems.”






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