UFC 229 Results: Tony Ferguson Makes a Hero’s Comeback. Pettis Breaks Arm, Loses via Corner Stoppage

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The light weight co-main event has set the pace for the main event with its wild and bloody fight between Tony and Pettis. Roufusport prodigy Pettis displayed crisp kickboxing combinations and dropped Tony twice in the first round and continued to dominate him. Tony was slow on his feet after taking some shots to the legs, but recovered quickly and stayed in the fight. As the fight moved in the second round, Tony decided to give no breathing room for Pettis and peppered with short strikes. His elbow landed right on the temple and and cut Pettis who began to bleed there on. The tide had turned int he favour of Tony who just kept on hammering until the end of the round. Duke Roufus decided not to let Pettis fight anymore with a broken right arm and the fight was stopped.

Sohail Syed

Sohail Syed

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